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Jonathan Graham

Wouldn't you just view 'healthyness' as a trend instead of some instantaneous value?

At one time there was a girl at my workplace who I was cooperating with in becoming more healthy. I would regularly drop by her desk to discuss our progress and while I was there - eat a box of smarties. This would drive her nuts as by any objective measure I was progressing better than her. Why? Because one box of smarties (or one slice of said dessert) even at some regular interval is irrelevant when ones other practises are healthy.

Stephen Weinberg

I train in aikido (a japanese martial art) with my girlfriend who is a nutritionist. While we both tend towards health there are a lot of times where we need to choose between being social - going out for dinner after class and having a beer and a burger, or being healthy - going home and cooking chicken and not having the alcohol. While we still go out a fair bit, the biggest change has been that we don't expect the social evening to be anything other than what it is - a social evening. And if we feel bad the next morning we aren't surprised or upset by it, it was part of the choice we made when we decided to go out.

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Health is the main issue in all other matter of life.The politeness is a part of our feeling and and a part of social life. Both are important.


Politeness is very important in the social life. And the most important is our health. A healthy person could show more politeness but a man with diseases could even stressed that he show less politeness then healthier.

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