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Hi Ryan, isn't that annoying? Yeah, they actually started making tables and even caskets larger these days! How sad!

I wrote about it on my blog back in July. http://www.sugarshockblog.com/2005/07/fast_food_place.html

Nice blog, Ryan. My researcher just found it for me.



Your mission is really inspiring. I was wrong when I thought that eating is the only thing that matters here on earth. When my health was jeopardized, I realized that my excessive eating must be stopped. I am starting to shift my diet to a healthy one.

Amanda Villanueva

I do realize now after reading this I went to eat at a restaurant not only was the booth bigger, you could actually move the seat section as far as you wanted from the table! I thought it was just an exaggeration on your part but hey...I see it now. Did you guys know that Thomas Jefferson, had a body fat mass of 22-27%? Found this at (http://www.shapeup.org/bodylab/frmst.htm) You can check out all of the other presidents to!

Andy Catsimanes

I've spent some time in the restaurant biz, and you're right about booth size. But what's really sad is when customers insist on sitting in a booth and they have to "crowbar" themselves in because they're to big to get in.


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