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Dianne Scheinberg MS RD LDN

I agree whole (pun intended) heartedly. While Sara Lee's attempt at combining nutrition with the average consumer's taste is a well-intentioned one, nothing compares to pure whole-grain bread. The difference isn't just about fiber, but about the wonderful phytochemicals that are stripped away during the process.

Sarah Parker

How funny, my husband just emailed me an article about the same subject.

I guess we must be adventurous, because we used to eat Ezekiel bread all the time (its wonderful, try it) and I still give it to my kids occasionally even though we've gone raw. :)


I am looking for Kevin Trudeau's bread recipe. Thank You DEE

Ryan Healy

Hi Dee. Unfortunately, I don't have Kevin Trudeau's bread recipe. I have written about him and his work on occassion though.


I'm in search of the bread recipe from Trudeau. Anyone have it that would like to share this marvel? Thanks!

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