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Congrats on re-kicking the habit. :) For adults to know what sugar does and eat it anyway, is one thing, but it positively makes me ANGRY to see parents stuff sugar into their kids' bodies all day long. Just a little pet peeve of mine... can you tell? :)

Sarah Parker

Okay, so you got me inspired to blog about the sugar thing myself. :)



Okay...but wow, there are so many things they put sugar in. The hardest for me, I think, would be to give up chocolate...does anyone sweeten chocolate with anything else other than sugar? And...is it pure refined white sugar--what about "raw" sugar and brown sugar?

Ryan Healy

Most types of sugar are going to be harmful to you. The more processed it is, the more harmful it is. The healthiest sugars, of course, are those naturally occurring in fruits and vegetables.

From what I've read, stevia is about the healthiest sweetener available. Although you'll find that it's not used in many food products.


I am always surprised when people are looking for an alternative to sugar, that honey is not at the top of the list. It seems that we are always looking for the "no calorie" answer, but for 60 calories, you can get twice the sweetness of sugar plus vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids all packed in a single tablespoon. The synergistic effect of the nectar of 2 million flowers per pound of honey supplies us these life-sustaining elements in perfect proportion - unlike any product in a capsule or tablet. What’s more, honey gives you instant energy and sustained energy from its combination of both fructose and glucose. Studies have shown that regular use of honey increases the antioxidant levesl in the blood and is useful before, during, and after exercise.

Honey used to be reserved for kings and nobility, known as “the nectar of the gods” for its sweet healing power. It was a sad day when man discovered that refining sugar cane and sugar beets was easier than collecting honey.

I strongly endorse the use of raw, certified organic honey which has not been contaminated by the many chemicals used by traditional beekeepers nor heated which destroys the valuable nutrients. It is a rare commodity because of the widespread use of pesticides, but it is truly worth its weight in gold! Some of the best and purest honey in the world is from New Zealand. Check out www.thewildbee.com for more info on the power of honey to nourish and heal.

LongLife  health

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