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Good post. I followed that Splenda discussion for about one page and then decided my blood pressure couldn't take any more. :) I used to try to jump in and timidly warn everyone about the dangers of all the foods they were eating but they all just say, "Everything in moderation." So I gave up. They say the same thing about aspartame and caffeine. ARGH.

BTW, I started a blog about our family's journey into raw veganism in case you're interested. http://foodwise.blogspot.com

Susan R

It is right that the continued consumption of sugar can lead to diabetes.


Diabetes is commOn from his own self,taking sugar too much,high BP etc ,that's all are the signs of it.I think to dettering it ...we should least our sugar diets as much as e can.


I am having a dilemma over Spenda, aspartame and the like, I joined Weight Watcher's almost 2 weeks ago, I bought their yogurt, and not until today did I see there was Splenda in it. Now, I don't want to take the chance. I also bought Crystal Light, knowing what it contains, I drank 2 bottles of water with it and now I'm worried to drink anymore. Do you think this scare is legitamate?

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Nutritional Guidelines

I am happy to read this article. It takes up to six months for our liver to process a can of diet Coca Cola. Can you imagine?

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