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This is an excellent article. Thanks so much for sharing. I never looked at white bread this way!

Ryan Healy

You're welcome! I'm glad you found it as helpful as I did.

Zenjim (S.J.CA)

I am NOT here to address the previews comment. I just want to post my general opinion about Dr. Kevin Trudeau's book. I praise Dr. Trudeau for having the courage to express his opinion and actually publishing his book about natural cures. I admire him for his bravery in conflicting the food and drug industries' in their means of influencing people's way of thinking. Some of us, whatever origin we may have come from we know that natural cures work without the approbation of a medical doctor. For example, a simple leaf can cure headache by wrapping it around our head. Another one is by boiling this leaf it can cure an open wound. However, this is my advice to all believers of natural cure, try natural cures one at a time and observe your body's reaction to it. Do not mix several natural cures at one time if you are not certain of it's adverse reaction. There are many natural cures to choose from at www.naturalcures.com that are effective with proper usage. I'm very happy that Dr. Trudeau is out there re-educating the public and I salute him in representing the believers of natural cures. It doesn't matter if the website is still at it's infancy, what is important is there is a natural cure for most if not all of the deseases and those cure still exists. To you Dr. Trudeau, Godspeed.

James T Pereira

Discover the problems with the cookie diet. Just because a famous medical doctor has been using it since 1975 doesn't mean it's the right method.

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How to detox your body naturally

Everything seems to be refined these days it is people like you who help us define what is good for us, thank you for the article and the great healthy tips.

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