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That's pretty cool. I hope it continues to go well. How did you pull that off in just 2 weeks?!

Ryan Healy

I might say it was the urgency of the matter. Money running out, no income, a wife and two kids to feed. :-)

But I can really only give credit to God. I simply took action; He opened doors.


Interesting. Care to make a post about God and you? Yes, I ask because I am Agnostic and don't believe that God would have anything to do with the minute workings of our lives. I generally don't nitpick about little things like this but you started it by claiming he was the one who "opened the door." I get the feeling he is a very large/important part of your life. That's great and all. But is it not possible it was just chance that opened the door and your skills and perception that pulled you through. Personally I feel you are resourceful and clever and diligent enough to pull it all off by yourself.

Feel free to ignore this hot topic. I know that’s not what your blog is about. You have my e-mail.

Ryan Healy

Hi P,

I'm certainly willing to concede that it was chance that opened the door.

I appreciate your complement ("you are resourceful and clever and diligent enough to pull it all off by yourself"). I guess I just tend to think less of my personal abilities and more of God's power.

Certainly, the phrase "God opens doors" could be interpreted in different ways. For instance, have you read The 11th Element by Robert Scheinfeld?

He writes, "You're never alone in your quest for business success and wealth, even though it often feels that way. Your Inner CEO and the invisible network form a support system you can tap into to share your burden. You receive help every step of the way." (p. 21)

I don't know how it all works, but I think there is some kind of power (call it God, your Inner CEO, the life force, whatever) that transcends conscious thought and effort.

If you have any other comments, please share them. I appreciate your input.

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