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Ryan, you might be able to access raw milk through your local Weston A Price Chapter. Here is a link to all the local chapters. They will help you in your endeavour to access raw milk for your family. http://www.westonaprice.org/localchapters/locallist.html

John Montross

I am a 21 year old dairy farmer and I would like to make a suggestion. Your quote, "It's milk taken straight from the cow. The cows are fed grass, not grain. They're not given any antibiotics or growth hormones." I would like to correct you, that as a dairy farmer, the cows that recieve antibiotics, their milk is not available for sale, it is withheld. Withheld until the residues are no longer present. Testing is conducted to ensure the residue is not present in the milk that I sell. If found, the milk in the trucks tank, is completely dumped. I would be incredibly fined by the state and my co-op.
Furthermore, the dairy industry has no growth hormones. Given the proper high nutrition diet that I feed, the cows will grow just fine on their own. The diet is full of proteins and fibers that meet the energy and health needs of the cows. I assure you, that "organic milk" is just as good as the "normal milk".

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