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Not sure if this is exactly the same thing or just sadly similar. In an article published a few days ago in the L.A. Times, they reported on a chemical called bisphenol A. Its one of the world's most widely used chemical compounds, and it's commonly found in hard clear plastics such as water bottles and baby bottles.

Here's my take on the subject.

get lost

good thing you date your blog entries somewhere OTHER than the URL...

Holy muffin cakes! WHY WHY WHY would #1 be ANY safer than #7. You have made a completely unfounded assumption.

(Making an assumption that you are green) what do you think the environmental impact of those Dasani bottles are compared to nalgenes? How many nalgenes do you consume (as in use up) each year. How many Dasani bottled do you consume, even if you reuse them. Now lets calculate the total environmental cost of the production of total mass of plastic used and recycling effort (assuming you recycle.)

Ban all plastics that have bisphenol-A right? mmmm... good thinking.

*cough*Fear Mongering*cough*


Elderly Man

Interesting information, I'm going to save Auquafina and Dasani water bottles to reuse too.

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I wouldn;t worry about such matters cos this way we would become a paranoid nation. I would worry about the lack of attention given to
blu cig devices which would spare many lungs of deadly toxins if used on a high scale.


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Hello. Great job. I did not expect this on a Wednesday. This is a great story. Thanks!

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