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* Oatmeal
* Cream of Wheat
* Uncle Sam Cereal
* Fruit (bananas, apples, prunes)
* Scrambled Eggs with Toast

Sorry to be the balloon pooper, but NONE of that stuff is healthy, with the possible exception of scrambled eggs; IF they are organic (free range, grain fed, drug free) and cooked in an oil-free pan or a tiny amount of organic extra virgin olive oil.

North Americans consume too much sugar, and fruit is sugar.

Wheat is an even worse form of sugar. As a hybridized grain, North American wheat is hugely responsible for the fattening of those on this continent.

Wheat, potatoes, and anything else white (baked goods, pasta, anything that contains wheat) immediately turns to the wrong kind of sugar in the human body.

Sugar causes all kinds of diseases, and not only the obvious, like diabetes. Most inflammation diseases, including arthritis, are caused by diet, and emotions. But let's stick to diet here.


And if you put cow milk on your cereal, you're really killing yourself. Cow milk contains lactose, which is a sugar (any "ose" is sugar). Cow milk is designed to help calves grow to 2500-3000lbs. Cows have 3 stomachs, and can get the calcium out of milk. Humans are physiologically incapable of obtaining calcium out of cow milk, because the calcium/magnesium ratio is wrong. I don't watch television, but the next time you see an ad for milk that says it builds strong bones and teeth, ask yourself why they don't say "strong HUMAN bones and teeth". It's because that would be a lie. So milk advertisers use implication to get their evil message across, and fat lazy North Americans buy it because doing their own research would be too much like work.

I apologize if this sounds/reads a little harsh, but right now I'm sick and tired. And I'm fed up with all this play-pretend health nonsense. If you want to be healthy, you DON'T patronize Burglar King, you DON'T buy commercial grains and cereals, and you leave the evil marketing crap to the undisciplined short-term losers who value a few seconds of taste over their long-term health, which is 99 per cent of the North American population.


David, I'm dying to know what you would consider a healthy breakfast. There is so much health information, there are so many theories... I don't even know where to begin, although NOT beginning at Burger King does seem like a good beginning.


I think this breakfast sandwich hits the spot. Especially on those early Sunday mornings when you're driving from a strip bar, your stomach is empty, alcohol is dripping from your pores, and all you can think about is the King. Nutrition is definitely a big part of everyone’s' lives. However, to indulge in life's little pleasures is nothing to get all worked up about. Drink some milk, eat some god darn wheat, eat that bowl of Cheerios, eat that toasted sesame seed bagel with vegetable cream cheese. I eat oatmeal with bananas almost everyday for breakfast and I don't use cow milk...not because it kills people, apparently, but because it taste's good enough with tap water and it wakes me up. If I could use milk, believe me I would. I was unaware that only fat lazy North Americans consume cow milk, while the rest of the world consumes non-cow milk....hmmmm....how come the human population continues to grow exponentially? Maybe there aren't enough cows. If there were more cows we could slow down the population race with over consumption of cow milk. As an undisciplined loser, that watches television, I will actually enjoy my life and I won't get migraines every time I wake up in the morning to think about what's for breakfast. It sounds like some people would rather eat air and die than to eat anything at all. There are a lot of people out there that have poor eating habits, there are a lot of people without a lot of choices, but mostly there are a lot of people out there that need to take a huge pole out of their butt.

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