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That's a great idea! Another thing that keeps me from snacking in the evening is to take a bath instead. It's relaxing, and the snack is generally something I grab for comfort & relaxation anyway. Nice blog. :-)

Ryan Healy

Thanks for the compliment, Stephanie. And nice tip about taking a bath.


Snacking is the biggest vice that I have towards weight loss as well. Do you ever try the famed "don't eat after 8pm" advice? It's so hard to do, but when I do it, I notice I feel so much better in the morning primarily because most of my heavy eating is at night.


Brushing my teeth really works for me too! :)

Because I used to snack all the time, I found
another 19 methods to stop snacking.


if there was something you could put in your mouth and wear comfortably, and still go about your daily business, would you try it to help curb your snacking. it would probably make you think before you put something in your mouth.


Great blog! I have only recently noticed that I have snacks when I'm alnoe or bored. But now I've started to brush my teeth after meals and chewing gum whem bored:)

Tim Robins

I usually don’t post in Blogs but your blog forced me to, amazing work.. beautiful diet …

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I comfortable in taking your advice.

Katia Craig

Oh! That's what I do! There's this part of you that whispers right in your ear, "Don't eat! You've just brushed your teeth!" and that just makes you lazy to eat snacks. I was a heavy snack eater when I was still in Sarasota. My implant dentist gave me that same advice. He told me that I should brush my teeth right after a meal so that you won't eat a snack again right after.

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