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But how does it taste? Is it break-your-teeth hard?

Ryan Healy

Actually, I find the cereal quite agreeable. It's more bland than "sugared-up" cereals, but it's not hard to chew.


I've loved Uncle Sam cereal for ....probably 15 years now! But I'm finding it harder and harder to find.
Yes, I stumbled on your site looking for Starbucks info. Love your thoughts. Keep it up.


Look at this site I came across searching for cereal http://www.thecerealbowl.com

Robin  S

I love Uncle Sam cereal. With the unsweetened soy milk also. Some flax seeds tend to stick to your gums long after you have eaten it. But I don't mind. The combo of the Soy milk is best. Very healthy.


This cereal is very "earthy" tasting—very healthy! If you like sugar-cereals, it is not for you. I have found it at a good price at Wal-Mart stores. The muffin recipe on the box is also good to try.


I am on my first box of Uncle Sam. I do like it, but find it is a bit too...what is the word...I'm not sure. Dense, maybe? To lighten it up, I add plain corn flakes or a multi grain flake, and raisins or banana slices. I use fat free milk.

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