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Lysine works well for herpes. I'm not a doctor, this is just my experience and opinion.


I, like others, was blown away while watching the infomercial. I just purchased the book, Natural Cures at a cost of $39.30 and I think it sucks, because to obtain the information that I thought I would be getting by purchasing the "book", I was instead instructed to go to his website naturalcures.com where you have to pay for membership. The book contains none of the "valuable" information that it claims and I think it sucks to pay that much for a book only to be led to a website to pay more. If I had Mr. Trudeau's email addresss I would personally send him a message letting him know that I think he's just a big con man.


I wrote about stopping my membership and he responded back that he would cancell my memebership because there was no where in the website I seen to cancell but they charge me the next month and took it back and a couple days later charge me again


I want to start by saying I have not read this book but I was intrigued by the infomercial and all the reviews provided here.

I spent much of my college years taking drugs and researching cures for the brain tumor I HAD. I found an unbelievable amount of information on natural cures when I was doing my research more than 20 years ago and used myself as a guinea pig. But the most helpful cure was the mental one, creative visualization, used with many cancer patients and incurable diseases.

Kevin Trudeau is not establishing anything new here. He states he is not a doctor and has discovered nothing, he has only researched it (that means you can also). All the info he provides (or not from what I'm gathering about his book) is already out there, on the net and in local libraries, if you choose to do the research.


Has anyone else had trouble calling the 847-777-7131 number for Natural Cures? A charge was debited from my checking account for a newletter subscription, which I did not authorize. I attempted to contact the phone number listed on my bank statement, which actually connects with Natural Cures, but got an answering service. I was asked to leave my name and a callback number, but was informed that the voice mail box for questions was full. Interesting.

I also believe the book is a scam. My husband and I found nothing of value in it. We're not joining the website, especially since there's no way to contact anyone directly for questions and answers, unless you subscribe of course. But after being scammed the money for the monthly newsletter, which was debited for the full year, why should I trust Kevin or anyone who works for him? Don't buy the book online or over the phone - if you want to review it, you can get it at Borders. I saw the book there when shopping, of course after I had already ordered it. Check your local library and the internet for information on living a healthy and drug free life! That's what my husband and I are going to do. As mentioned by others, knowing your own body, and doing your own research is the best answer. God bless you all for your comments.

Anna M. Toro

on August 8, 2005 I sent a letter requesting the new version of "What thsy don't want you to know" I was disapointed with the first version. Today I received the CD on weight loss instead of the book. Could you look into this matter.
Thank You

Brandon Stanway

This is an excellent book. I've been an advocate of Kevin Trudeau for years, and this book opens my eyes to exactly how these companies work. I was always against the FTC and FDA, and their unholy aliance, but the detail this book goes into is astounding. Buy this book, you'll be glad you did if you truly want the truth.

robert manon

well another healthy person trying to make money .mr kevin trudeau,but with a twist this time [the truth] on the age of goin to war for weapons of mass distruction and alarming terrorist colors, oh gas prices @ $3.00 is quite refreshing. people the truth shall set me free someone shout it.food and drugs truethat.besides organic food is not cheap after all. but i'll pay $3.00lb for chicken and not for gas it sought of puts things in perspective

Todd Kalk

I did went to Barnes & Noble. I did bought the book. I don't trust FDA, FTC,NCI, and drug companies.

Jeff A.

Many of you are buying Trudeau's book hoping for a cure - an herb that works like a pill. Some of you are rejecting the book after seeing that it does not have the easy cure you were looking for. This is not how health works. The truth is that poor health is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. I think Kevin did not explain this well in the book (and apprently your doctor hasn't explained it to you either), but this is common sense folks. The cure for illnesses caused by an unhealthy lifestyle is a healthy lifestyle. Trudeau's advice is on the money. Perhaps the problem is that you are just too lazy to do it. (And the drug companies are glad you are).

Drugs do not make you healthy - they just mask symptoms. It is impossible for a drug to make you healthy, even though the advertisements make masking symptoms sound like promoting health. If you do the things in the book, symptoms of almost every health problem you have will go away, and you will experience health like you never thought possible. But since this is harder than getting a prescription, many will not do it and will continue to suffer.

I can tell you that I have personally experienced health, energy, and vitality that I had forgotten were possible. I have looked into a number of sources on natural health and I find that they are generally in agreement. As Kevin explains, the information in his book is already out there - it's just that no one's told you before because they couldn't make money doing that. People that know how to actually make you healthy are often silenced by the big money. Wake up and smell the corruption.

Consider this: Let's say your car has squealing brakes or grinding brakes and you take it to the mechanic. What would you think if he gave you ear plugs so you wouldn't hear it? This is basicly what drugs do. If you take a headache medicine, you are ignoring the deeper problem, which may get worse since you are not addressing it. Something is causing the headaches that no one has told you. Drugs NEVER deal with the cause of the problem, so you are still an unhealthy person underneath. They mask symptoms instead of promote health. You will continue to need drugs if you do not deal with the problem.

Natural health usually works from the standpoint of promoting health instead of just treating illnesses. Do you see the difference? Drugs treat illnesses but never promote health. Trudeau may not have explained this well enough in the book. You cannot continue a lifestyle that is causing your illnesses and take some herb and expect to get better. You must stop the behaviors that are causing the illnesses. If you are unwilling to learn and put in effort, you will never be healthy.

If you read Trudeau's book and think it's garbage I think you are crazy. Probably your cognitive functions and reading comprehension are suffering from poor nutrition and other bad health decisions. (That may sound like a joke but it's not). You don't have to change your whole life overnight - do it one step at a time. I started by eating more organic foods and watching for harmful additives. I started supplementing. I then started seeing a chiropractor. I then bought something that helps fight electro-magnetic chaos. Each one of these things benefited my health in noticable ways - some ways I didn't even expect. I have more energy and have a much stronger defense against anything that can cause illness. You can email me and ask me more if you want to.

Let me give you one personal example. After a chiropractic adjustment, my chriopracor told me, "You definitely had an adrenal problem when you were younger - when you were in pubery. I asked him what that meant. He said, "skin." The severe acne that I had on my chest and back 10 years ago was caused by subuxation in my spine. A specific nerve controlling a specific function was being pinched. My chiropractor knew because my spine was so bad at that certain spot. At the time, my dermatologicst prescribed accutane for the acne. Accutane has since been found to cause serious side effects including depression and suicidal ideation. Now they are required to discuss this with patients, but no one ever told me then. Drugs never get at the cause of the problem and they always have harmul side effects.


I read Kevin's book, and there are some good points in the book. However, the information provided is simple informational, as a consumer you will have to do the research to find the truths.

I found a couple contradications in Kevin's book such as, on page 148 item 16 "Do Not Use Nonstick cookware". Then on page 414 on the second line, Kevin states that he cooks with a nonstick skillet.....(huh?)Go figure.

All-in-all it's a good eye-opener...there are other books out there that you can find providing the same information but with detailed information.


I would like to suggest a book called Science and Health by Mary Baker Eddy. It can be purchased on Ebay for a few dollars, or at book stores for 10.00. It's all about spiritual healing and many thousands of people have been helped with all kinds of incurable diseases simply by reading it. God bless you.

Peace and Love,


P.S. If you can't afford to buy Science and Health, you can read it free online at www.Spirituality.com


Nothing is free anymore and has never been despite what you might have been told by your Elders.... being or getting healthy and losing weight is no huge secret... get off your lazy rears and exercise and eat healthy... you need to stop eating all that crap from the fast food chains... none of it should ever been eaten by anyone, not even animals. as for the kevin trudeau book... it definitly seems like a scam, but if you are too stupid and naive to see that then good for Mr. Trudeau.....


Something perhaps some of you seem to have forgotten, is that the Large Media, Drug Companies, Food Industry, Oil companies Ect Ect. Are all Multi BILLION dollar industries!...Do you think that shutting someone up, wrecking websites, putting out bad publicity or any of the problems or supposed wrong-doings by Kevin Trudeau are somehow above the ability of these powerful companies? Those types of action are the tip of the iceberg! Wake up...


I just want to know if anyone has ever gotten their money back, or ever been able to unsubscribe from the naturalcures.com web site? I tried and finally had to change my account information at my bank! "Interesting" stuff in the book, but do not ever subscribe to anything from this guy!

timothy yeargin

Just for all of you who say that this book doesn't tell you specifically how to cure a particular disease - you are wrong . Read it again . It tells you how to cure all diseases by ridding yourself of what caused it in the first place(toxins,prescription and non-prescription drugs,stress,vaccines,antibiotics,etc.)and how to keep it away if you don't want it. It is truth -I personally thank Kevin for his efforts.

Earl Buck

"Thanks to you Kevin".I was heading right straight to my death...until I caught one of your infomercials, I ordered the two books, read them, did every thing in chapter six, took the 100% organic pure virgin coconut oil for 30 days,used the organic applecider viniger with "the mother",and you know...I haven't felt this good since I was 10 years old.I was 30 pounds overweight, I was on blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, anti inflamatory meds, I was a wreck... But now that I have unaddicted myself from all the poisons that the " man" says are good for me and started eating the organic foods that God intended us to eat, I feel so much better. Thank you so very much. Don't take the insults, don't listen to the jibberish... YOU keep blowing that whistle, blow it hard, and long. My Heath is where it should be, thanks to you, and the rest of the nonbeleivers can go straight to hell. I am 50 years old... and can truely say, I'm in the BEST shape of my life...



I read the replies to Trudeau's infomercial at http://www.infomercialwatch.org/tran/trudeau.shtml and sorry but the counterpoints given to what he's saying are LAME and very weak sounding. Look don't be so darn naive to think that people, companies, society won't prey on you. This is not Pleasantville, America. Wake up and Smell the Coffee. (Don't drink it though, it IS bad for you!)


Hello kevin its truehopedave here i wish i could have an opertunity to work with someone like you. I hope someday i could meet you and tell you my story of hope.


There is information how to make illegal explosives out on the internet...but somehow the drug companies are SOOO powerful they stop little old pissant kevin trudeau from posting his cures...what a load of shit!

dave (fresh start)

I support keven becouse his last name starts with tru truehope he is a true guy i love his outlook and i support my brotha keven 110% you better believe it i hope he heres my story i love his book speak the truth brother i love ya buddy truehopedave i am very greatful for my 4 mounths of progress and nutrition knowledge feed the soul have a merry christmas america thanx for your support god bless america and canada thank you for your support its feels really nice to feel my heart with your love god bless and power to nutrition and wellness!!!

dave (fresh start)

Kevin hey buddy all be honest my passion is natural becouse i am all about being natural in true spirit and feeling alive with truehope everymorning. I will tell you right now! i back you becouse you stand tall brotha. I love you for your 1# seller in the new york times! Hey thats an honest judgement keven you are #1 in my heart and mind i love ya. I support peaple like you becouse hey you love life and you hate money just like me. I dont have credit i dont have money but i do have something that is a gift from god what i think and know is more important then green backs. I will tell you honestly its humility and my weekness is my strength. I have so much knowledgr know its only been 4 mounths and gosh dang my learning is getting way better everyday. I ask peaple why is that i ill tell you becouse of healthy choices and healthy spirit its all in strong faith i believe!. I hope you can come meet me in the future becouse i am going for my passion to help peaple just like your book states. Buddy i am your friend you dont know me but know this i know your book is true the faith is true and the book is blue i love you keven for what you believe. Ok i am not going to cry becouse i am alone for christmas and my best friend in the whole world is god and time. Well i gtg watch mr crugers christmas i love that movie im so greatfull to be alive im loving living and learning all there is to know about natural cures brotha i just wanted you to know about my progress its goood! Remember my name dont forget me becouse i stand for what you believe in i gtg merry christmas have natrual jolly holly from magrath alberta truehope dave ND to stay peace on earth priceless healthy alternatives everything i have no credit but hey gods giving me far far greater omega start to finesh god bless america!


hi, i was wondering if someone could help me get Kevin Trudeau e-mail. i have a question only he is able to answer. You can e-mail me at GeoBurnIII@yahoo.com.


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