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Tom from Morristown, AZ

Kevin is right! Look-up FDA, aspartane, and 92, on an advanced Google search and answer the question, Why is aspartame legal, and Sassafras root tea is illegal. This article was released by the FDA. Our root beer is made now from artificial flavors because mice given 1 percent of their body weight of sassafras tea developed cancer.

The diseases caused by aspartame are mostly reversed by stopping use of this poison. At 86 degrees F, aspartame is transformed into methyl alcohol,and then metabolized into formaldyhyde in the liver. Formaldyhyde is the same drug injected into deceased persons veins for preservation of their bodies. Its parent drug, Aspartame, is in almost all of America's diet and light foods. This is legal, sassafras root is illegal. Wake-up America! You are being imbalmed while the FDA is saving us from root beer.

Jeff Fitzhug

Kevin has a fucking stripping whore sitting there on the panel. Her claim to fame she showed her ass on a magazine. Why have someone that fucking nasty on the panel. Anyone can show their anus on a magazine.

Jeff Fitzhug

ON TV Kevin was four nice looking women sitting there as he talks about Debt Cures. He's got one girl there miss showed my anus 2007. I'm not saying she isn't beautiful, but she's a fucking slut. She droped her draws and let someone film her ass and thnat makes her great. The fucking nasty Jews and their filthy porn they take a girl with a nice looking body and no brains and she's famous.

vicki vohs

I just found Kevins book at our local Goodwill store. Cost $1.89. He has some good starting points. I have been changing over to organic foods, suppliments, etc. That is all making a huge difference. People need to take responsiblity for their own health and educate yourselves! Many things he stated in his book are true, The toxins, poisons and chemically induced "food " is appalling. Look at America, that will open your eyes. Go to your local organic whole food store and get educated for a healthy future. It is true, God provided us with all that we need. Buy the foods on the outside isles of your Supermarket, that is where the healthy foods are. Avoid everything else is the middle isles. No processed foods!Only whole grains, no white flour or white sugar. There are so many good books on nutrition, go to your library, get back to basics. If you can't pronounce the ingredients you surely don't want to eat it. We are what we eat.
Good Health to you all.


I listened to his sales pitch. Was believable until he mentioned a carburetor that would allow a car to get 200 miles to the gallon. Then I knew he was full of BS and anyone who needs this guy to tell you to eat healthy and lay off processed foods is an idiot. I believe these same people who think he is some sort of good man would also eat crap if he suggested it. HE is a crook and that is my opinion. I am not a scientist or doctor just a person with common sense

c luke gurbin


Is Kevin and d his crew interested in the truth about 9/11 and its' exposure? We only have so much time and efforts.



Come on Dave are you really that stupid? Tell me how a multi million dollar industry has anything to do with explosives? You are a true idiot to think that they would pay the same attention and apply the same tactics for finding how to make illegal explosives on the internet!!!


My apoligies to Dave. It is Brad that is the idiot

Sun burns

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