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Jason Marble

I first saw a copy of Kevin Trudeau's new book on my buddy's kitchen counter. I gave it a look and thought, "huh, interesting."

I'm in a Honors Humanities class at my college and the title of our class is "Bullshit". We're learning about bullshit, but from a scientific and historical point of view. One of our books is Why People Believe Weird Things by Michael Shermer. It's an excellent book, but during one of our discussions, Mr. Trudeau was mentioned.

Remember, the title of our class is "bullshit". Unfortunately most of Mr. Trudeau's claims are bullshit. I believe he's been convicted of four felonies. And recently there was an order by the FTC to kick him off the air. Though, skeptical as I now am, one might ask, "could it be the drug companies flexing a little political muscle to debunk Mr. Trudeau?" Who knows.

I do know that there are some cures drug companies don't want you to know. Like how regular baking soda is more effective than any over the counter antacid, such as TUMS.

Linda Conner

My husband ordered Kevin Trudeau's book about cures they don't want you to know about after listening to his infomercial. When we got the book, we had been charged $48.85! That due to the $9.95 shipping and handling and the priority charge of $9.95 which we had not requested. I was able to phone the company who handles the shipping from the phone number provided off the shipping order and they supposedly backed out the $9.95 priority charge. The book contains nothing but promises that if you go to the webiste all your questions will be answered.

But, the real issue right now is that I went to the web site yesterday and you cannot access anything unless you at least buy the $9.95 a month (automatically billed to your credit card each month) So, I did that. Went in and the website is absolutely blank. That is right. No content there except reading Mr. Trudeau's "newsletter" for February all about Vioxx.

Big deal. I wrote Mr. Trudeau with a question yesterday as he tells us to do in the book and so far I have received no answer. What is more is that I went to the website today to get in and it won't let me in. Invalid password. I remember seeing an email that they sent me yesterday and when I glanced at it they had changed my password to a numerical one. Now I can't find the email anywhere and when I ask for it to resend my password, it will not do so.

This is all stinking like a huge scam to me. I have written an email to their "support" services and I have not received a reply. I have been in touch with my credit card company and we will have to dispute the charge and get out of this automatic billing now.

David O.

I had an experience similar to the woman's posted above.

The infomercial looked interesting, and as a health care provider, I wanted to check out what Mr Trudeau had to say about natural cures. I'm about 2/3 through the book, and there are a lot of references to information obtainable at the website. I joined.

There is nothing there. The sign-on page leads you to a page which has a small banner and some supposedly clickable hot links at the bottom, such as "back to cover page", privacy policy", "help/faqs" and "privacy policy"... none of which works. There is blank space between the banner and the supposed links. No information.

The only hotlink which actually leads to something is the "contact us" link, which allows you to send an email to "support@naturalcures.com" but that hasn't yielded any results. It's been 4 days since sending out a request for a new password (mine didn't work at first) and for information about how to access all these supposedly wonderful webpages at his site.

They took the payment I made online for a one year subscription and a CD, but I don't even have a confirmation receipt at this point. Very disappointing.

This topic and website holds such great promise, but it would appear, from all evidence (and my opinion -- based on direct experience), that this is a scam and you'd likely be throwing your money away if you invest in information or products which don't appear to be available.

I'm getting on the phone right now to let my bank know that I believe I was defrauded (allegedly) and want to receive credit for this purchase. With Mr Trudeau's notoriety, the least he could have done is use some of the income from sales of his books and products to produce some sort of website to fulfill his obligation to customers. Mr Trudeau: We're trying to buy something from you. You claim to have the research. Either the FTC has shut you down again or you're hiding. No updated news on your webpage about investigations is present, which leads me to conclude that you've intentionally deceived me!

Craig E

I've been researching both his book and his claims and of course, that lead me to his website. I will suggest that he's attempting to capitalize on "presales" of the sites future content. I say this because he claims the site "will be" the premier source for your healthcare needs. In header before the bulleted items it states "When this website is fully active, it may include: " This tells you clearly that it is not complete and only "suggests" what it "may" contain. Not what it will contain. It behooves everyone to pay close attention to all points of a sale before buying and to be sure to "read the fine print" before committing to anything. For myself, I'm an herbalist and have been practicing natural remedies for a while and have seen firsthand their results when used wisely and researched carefully.

Live well

Ken Martin

What is the truth? When we get health information how much can we believe? How much is untrue? Is all health and any thing related to it tainted by money and the profit motive. Even these so called holistic healers do they have some hidden adgenda? How does the regular human sort through all the hype and get to the truth? If any one out there knows please post a message and let me know.


....again, I read where someone said, "help, who can you believe."

After all my years of searching and buying products over and over again for prevention, I have come to believe that if you go back to what God gave us in the beginning and eat that food in it's natural form, we could eliminate many diseases. He knew what our bodies needed when He created us. Sure we live in a poluted world caused by man, but educate yourselves and do the best you can.

Eat fresh vegetable and even juicing veggies is good for you. Eat fruit whole and don't juice because too much sugars. Eat some raw unsalted nuts and drink good water. If you do eat meat, do so once in a while at most and try to get clean meat. Exercise, fresh air, sunshine and be thankful for your blessings.

I've seen and heard the most amazing stories about diseases being healed from doing these things than any other way.


Lynda Auletta

I DID get a response from Natural Cures... I am brand new at this computer stuff but if people want to hear from a natural healer themselves... call me... I will not answer until I see me posted on the site. I BELIEVE BUT I DO NOT TRUST FDA, FTA or medical/Pharmaceutical. I am in it. Natural Healer and willing to help. Lynda A.

Sarah Wheeler

I acually enjoyed the book very much.
What i don't think you people understand is that Kevin Trudeau is not allowed to give out certin "cures", If you read his book you'll know that the FTC and FDA will then be on his ass. However even in the book there are hints to natural cures, he is not allowed to say that for example "Green Tea is going to CURE cancer", if he does he will be charged. But you know what i don't care, you people can keep taking antibiotics and whatever other crap that's going to kill you. I have been on anti-depressents for 2 years! when i read his book and started to live healty life eg-work out, drink soy milk instead of cow milk etc... i started to feel like a whole new person with so much energy and life. I thank Kevin Trudeau for trying to get this things out to the public, and just to let you know, he has to pay lots of money to the FTC for doing what he does.
You can e-mail me at iceblue_02@hotmail.com

cam cooper

I agree with you Sarah. ALthough I have not joined the website, the book is a very informative yet good read. Some of you really dont understand that Kevin cant give out cures and stuff in his book... Maybe you should read it more carefully next time. I was however, expecting when I bought the book, to get the cures in the book. Altough it didnt address them specifically, he give ways of preventing disease, and staying healthy. His facts are right! America is worse off now then ever before, and the Govt agencies have not helped whatsoever! TO not believe him because he has a couple felonies is bullshit, and juvenile. Grow up Jason. I have a gross misdeamenor for having a small contained campfire to cook a steak right next to a lake in a rock quarry. Get the book, is my advice. I have taken steps that he suggests and I honestly feel better, look better, and have more energy than ever.


I totally disagree with your opinion regarding Kevin Trudeau!!!!!!!!!


I just bought this book. I must say it does give you good advice but its not what he promised on the TV. All he keeps saying is go to naturalcures.com for this and the other info. So I went to his web site and there is nothing there. I am not about to pay to get more info when I bought his stinkin' book. I wish I came here before buying the darn book. If he is not allowed to put the solutions in his book, what makes you think that he is allowed to publish it in his web site. I didn't buy the book on what not to do. I already know that. I want to know how to be cancer free, how to check my pH level, how to get rid of migraines... which, by the way, is why I bought the damn book.

Anyway, what's done is done. I hope it helps people who are thinking about buying the book. My suggestion is don't buy it.


What is wrong with you people? Everyone wants everything now, now, now, We are not only a fast food nation but we are a I want it now nation. kevin explains that in his web-site. It is in the beganning stages and that it will take time. People like him do have to be careful and are under pressure. I know first hand. My doctor is totally natural in his methods and a D.O. He had guns pulled on him and his clinic raided and shut down because he was curing people naturally and successfully I might add of just about everything including cancer. They then threw him in a mental institution for 6 months to teach him a lesson. This doctor was in his 80s at the time and has been practicing since graduating from college. He was striped of his license and continues to help people anyway even though he is in his nineties. He won his lawsuit against the government. Only after putting out every penny he had and then some. Kevin is truly trying to help people and fight for the truth. You must understand how serious the pressure is. We are the suckers for the drug companies and such. Most of you out there do not question anything and go along with whatever the big boys tell you. I would like to know who of you out there have the courage to attempt what Kevin is doing even though he is not doing it perfectly. Do you even question your doctor when he give you pills to pop? Do you know and understand what you are ingesting? Perhaps you don't care. You a wJSo noyutuurudniu psngagw as are getting a quick answer. I am 50, I have not had even an aspirin in my body since the age of 16. I have 3 children, 27, 25, and 12. They do not know what it is like to have a shot or a drug in their body. They are perfect pictures of health. It is because of people like Kevin that we are perfect pictures of health. and5. i ii

Not Important

People have to make a living somehow. Do you expect that this person would do all this and not get paid? His time is valuable too. He has to pay the bills. It's not like he is asking for thousands of dollars. Websites cost money to run, etc. It's to bad that many people today are so skeptical of what people are "really" doing when they try to do good. I think you all should be more concerned with the Sticky Fingers of our government and the pharmaceutial industry.


i just saw something with kevin advertising his book. what he says sounds true, might be true, but you do not want his book since it does not tell you anything.

the people here who say they feel better after applying his methods probably do because of psychological reasons. it's like a sugar pill.

some of the "diseases" are ridiculous like he stated. obesity? exercise, eat more meals a day (increases metabolism), eat more fibers, and avoid junk foods (ALL fast foods, sodas, chips, etc). ADD? eat more fish. fish has the omegas which help focus and memory.

i have a cold right now and i really wish there was a cure for it! there probably will never be a cure for the common cold.


Someone here said that because Kevin Trudeau had legal problems in the past that it shouldn't count against the legitimacy of his book.

You have logic on your side -- because he did illegal things before, doesn't necessarily mean that he's wrong about what he's saying now.

HOWEVER... do bear in mind that one of the things this guy got in trouble for was saying that coral calcium can cure cancer.

Does that even necessarily mean that there's hooey in this book? No, it doesn't. But, criminy, people -- do you really want to know what this sort of person has to say about health? Is there no better book to buy if you want to know about health, even about alternatives to "regular" medicine?


One other thing -- if you want a good, coherent breakdown of what he says in the infomercial for his book, check this site out:


It's done by an MD, and if you're pro-Trudeau, you're probably rolling your eyes about that. But you're also probably asking people to get Trudeau's book and keep an open mind.

Is it too much to ask that you do the same if you read the thoughts of an MD?


That guy's a convicted felon, stay away from him. The style of his infomercial is fraudulent, he makes it look as if he's on some kinda C-Span interview when infact the person interviewing him is part of the scheme.Ironically though, the bush administration has been accused of a similar practice recently. Oh well, I guess you sleep you loose.


I think it's interesting that for years he peddled everything from hair growing scams to memory scams to coral calcium scams. Then the FTC banned him from selling anything EXCEPT publications. So what does he do? He writes a "book."

You figure it out.


I recently read Kevin's book. I already know most of what he preaches. I've been learning to live a healthy lifestyle for the past five years. Following his suggestions is definitely a good thing. Eating naturally, exercising, getting 8 hrs of sleep, etc.
These are all facts we should know instictively. However, many of us have lost our way in terms of listening to our bodies. It's become very difficult to "quiet down" our lives long enough to hear.
All of the health practices aside, the book is extremely repetative and misleading. Fellow blog member s that talk about the website are right. If you're going to tell your readers to get answers from a website, you should have that website available. If you pay the $10, you should get access to the info. However, those that paid write that there isn't any real info on the site. That's the rub. Sure, you read the fine print and it mentions the potential of the site and what you can eventually expect. But...isn't that just a bit convenient? Charging people an additional fee to get access for this info after they've already shelled out almost $30 for his book...well, that's just business. I'm disappointed that he's nickle and diming us just like most of the other business people out there, but it's his right.
All said, I interpret Kevin's book as being good, but flawed. It's as if he wrote a term paper but forgot to include the footnotes. We read a lot about opinions, but rarely are any of them backed up with any concrete facts. For example, he know's of an herb that can cure herpes, but instead of mentioning what it is...he says, "go to his website". Well, you go to the website and discover that there isn't a cure for herpes, but there is an herb that will help prevent flare ups. Yet, the herb still isn't mentioned. You have to pay the $10 to get the answer. Well, those that pay the $10, say there are no answers. That's a serious flaw to me. You don't sell a car and then not give someone the keys. Better yet, you don't sell a car and then charge the buyer more money for tires if s/he wants to drive the car away.
Those of you can argue that we should be patient or that he would get in trouble with the FDA or the FTC if he included the healing info. That doesn't work because he's already in trouble with the FTC. Also, he should have waited to put out the book until the website was finished and capable of meeting the promises laid out in the text.
The truth is, most of us are tired of not being able to trust. Many of us are looking for something or someone we can trust. Someone that is going to walk the talk. Sadly, I don't think Kevin Trudeau is that person. In no way am I trying to demonize him. As I mentioned above, I think he's spreading a lot of good opinions. However, in the end, he's just an entrepreneur.

Peter Naylor

I just happened to catch his info-mercial this morning and am reminded of the definiton of propaganda: Connect a truth (Here the Medical Practioners/Drugs/FDA confusion - self inter, etc.) with a lie (Trudeau has some available answers) and the truth carries the lie. This seems to be woking here to the extent that more than a year after he published his book we are still hoping there is something there.

What is his Webstite address as I would just like to take a look?



His other website listed in the spine of the book is

Peter Naylor

Thanks Jimbo--

The sites are incredible.

I noticed he says the "whistleblower" will be 100% free. I wonder how he will turn that one around.

And to think I was on my way to the phone when I figured I had better find out what “Google” had to say about Trudeau.

Best :-)



This is really interesting. I went back to the www.naturalcures.com website just to mill around. I suddenly realized that Kevin Trudeau's name is never mentioned on the website. I searched high and low and never once was his name mentioned. You see his picture, but no mention of his name. I wonder why? Someone else check it out and see if I'm right.


I watched Kevin on the commercial he is on many times and was very very interested in his information. I was hoping that finally someone would tell the truth. He is right about the huge scam the drug companies are pulling on all of us as he is about various things he writes about in the book.

Unfortunately, he is also a huge scam artist as is also in this for the money. Very dissapointed as the book only leads you to yet another way to have to search for the so called cures he claims to list in the book, which he dosen't, and then you have to join his club at an outrageous price.

Where will you lead us to then Kevin after joining your club... yet to another club that won't tell you anything because you have no idea about anything honest and moral, you are just as bad as the drug companies!


Received book and CDs today... read book briefly, found no information that I wanted... as the natural cure for herpes since my granddaughter has it... why spend more for possibly nothing one more time.

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