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Ken Dix

Finding the time for exercising has been less a problem for me than sticking to a consistent workout schedule. I gave up my gym membership because I just wasn't consistently going. So now I jog early in the morning every day, and then every other day I use the Par Course equipment on my jogging path to do a few extra exercises. The morning is the best time for me because as the day progresses I seem to find more excuses not to exercise.


I exercise on our treadmill either at 8:30am before I homeschool our 4 kids or at 2:00 during my break. I've found if I put on my workout clothes when I wake up, I'm more likely to exercise. I haven't fit a weight routine into my schedule yet, but I know I need to do that.

Cara Fletcher

THe thing you doing is great.And I appreciate such people.I hope your wife is finding some to do some workout to because this is also important after pregnancy.(:

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