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Ken Dix

Come on, Ryan, you could be the one to start a "Binge on Chocolate" movement! How ironic that would be, The Health Blog telling everyone to eat all the chocolate they want (at least until the end of the holidays).

To hell with moderation, I'm going to start right now and eat this whole box of Sees candy. Thanks for the chocolate tip!!

Ken Dix

In case anyone was worried about me, I didn't eat that whole box of candy (only the peanut clusters). But now that I've come down from my chocolate frenzy, I just wanted to say that your analogy of elm trees and aspens in a storm is such a good one.

One should be flexible in regard to moderation, but disciplined to not go too far. It's important to be able to tell yourself, "Hey, I've had enough, it was good, now go eat some fruit if you still have a sweet tooth."

But that's easier said than done, of course.

The Health Blog

Hey, Ken. Thanks for the comments! I'm glad you liked the analogy. And tempting as it would be to start a "Binge on Chocolate" movement, I think I'll refrain. ;-)


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