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Ken Dix

I'd be interested in the latest info on controlling hypertension, herbal supplements, and reviews of health-related books. Also, I'd like to see categories for specific health subjects to make it easier to look up topics of interest.

Helena Brakha

Someone said they should serve soy milk. As a matter fact, they do-- but for an extra 50 cents. Now I am lactose-intolerant-- very lactose-intolerant, and I don't think it's fair that I have to pay extra, but at least they have it!


Actually no, it wasn't Starbucks at all!

I found your site in a search for Bush's atrocities on the health area such as the mandatory mental screening he's prepapring for our kids and the "reframing" of environmental diseases as mental illnes...

Click on my "Homepage" to see more details about it


Things the Government has said are "all in your head"

* Gulf War Syndrome: 12 years blaming it to "stress", now it admits it was Sarin (1)
* Environmental Diseases: Still blaming on stress (2)
* Disgust with election results: PEST - Post Election Stress Disorder, just started, free clinics being offered in... Jebbie's Florida (3)
* Disgust with being ordered to kill civilians (4)
* Seeing human rights abuse in Iraq: Just started (5)

The Health Blog

Thanks for letting me know how you find my site, Lawnorder. It's good to know some of my previous work is still indexed in the search engines.


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