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I'm looking for a FREE online exercise/diet journal... do you know any? or can you recommend one of the paid ones that is a good buy?

Ryan Healy

When you say an "online exercise/diet journal," do you mean a place where you can record your personal progress, etc.? If so, you might consider starting a blog. Blogger (see www.blogger.com) will let you start one for free.

The only downside: blogs don't come equipped with weight loss tools like BMI charts, exercise schedules, etc. Plus they don't come with nicely laid out slots for typing in how long you worked out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... how much weight you lost last week, this week, etc.

Although I haven't used his web site, I've read a lot about Chad Tackett's web site from a business perspective. It seems like he has a very quality product for people who want to exercise and lose weight. You can take a look for yourself at Global Fitness.


I found a few other good options too that are online, ie accessible from internet anywhere. They all cost however. The best one so far is www.fitnessjournal.org which I signed up for the 30 day trial and so far I"m really liking it. The others I found were www.myfooddiary.com which is less about exercise I think than food. Also www.fitday.com which I didn't really check out. But another that i did was www.justwalk.com. Anyway, I'd love to give a more detailed assessment of them all, but found the www.fitnessjournal.org to be most easy to use, attractively designed and even has a shoetracker to keep track of one's shoes and when they need replacement. Customer response time is great - I suggested a feature request and the guy who runs the site got back to me pronto, friendly and he likes to improve his product so it seems to have a great future if you ask me.


Dear Meggles,

Check out VirtuaTrainer. It's a little online community I'm starting with the goal of, well, creating a supportive online community for health and fitness.

Hope that helps.

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