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Helena Brakha

THANK You so much-- I suffer migranes and eat at C-F because I thought it was healthier! Why in the world do they use MSG?????????????????


Good post. My wife and I rarely eat out but one day we found ourselves at Chick-Fil-A. We both had the standard chicken sandwich and about 30 minutes later my wife was complaining that she felt funky and her head was buzzing a bit. Not a migraine, she doesn't get those but definitely felt odd. A quick visit to C-F's web site and there it was in the ingredients--MSG. You know when they actually list it instead of hiding it under "Natural Flavors" it has to be bad.
Too bad, too. Because C-F seems like one of the "better" (or less evil) fast food places. Not open on Sunday, etc.


It's a shame: like like Chik Fil A, and respect that they close on Sunday, but I wish they'd get the MSG out of their foods.


What does Chik Fil A have to say about MSG in their food? Any comments from them or can you get them to make a statement on it?


yup, had a migraine for 3 days straight after eating there last week - culprit was the original sandwich. my sis checked out the web to see if there was msg and lo an behold we found this article as well. thanks. i just may write to them since the perception is that they are a healthier restarant. no need for msg.


I too go to Chick-fil-a just to buy my grandson the kids meal because I was told it was the healthiest & cleanest chicken compared to other fast foods. I really appreciate your reseach on Chick-fil-a foods. My husband has always said that the best foods to eat is the ones you cooks at home. We grown our own fruits & veggies & always buy organic foods for our family especially our grandson. My husband & I would like to thank you so much. Thanks

Melissa Wilson

WOW!!!!! I am so surprised!
My husband and I have been eating much healthier these last 4 or 5 months. Eating at home and mostly vegitarian. Today, in a hurry I stopped by Chick-fil-a for a grilled chicken sandwich. Here I am an hour later and my gums are really irritated. I guess prior to our change in diet I was so full of stuff like that to even notice! I was just curious about them and MSG and decided to see if I could find anything on it. Not really thinking I would. Thanks for your helpful information.


I usually don't eat at Chik-fil-a, but I stopped there today in a pinch. I tried the new spicy chicken sandwich. In minutes of taking my first bite, I kid you not, my heart was racing and my head felt so heavy. It's been two hours now and I still feel so foggy and funky....it's hard to explain, but I knew it had to be that sandwich. You know how it is when you know in your gut that something's not right? Well I know it was that lousy sandwich. I started searching their site and looking around to find out if MSG is in their food. Thanks for this article. I'm never going back to that place. It's not worth it.

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Chick-fil-A on foods that I really appreciate your research. My husband cooks at home is always best to eat those foods, he said. Buy organic foods for our family, especially his grandson all the time and grew their own fruit and vegetables.

Debbie Denny

Wow, Thanks so much for sharing this info! Looked on several sites trying to find MSG in Chick-fil-A sandwiches including there Allergy site and it was not posted! Also, we appreciate teaching us of the Hidden Words! Do you know of any other hidden names for MSG? Our daughter has always suffered with Migrains all of her 17 yrs! She had what we thought was focal seizures but now her neurologist believes it is her central nervous system reacting to MSG!!! We have had some very scary moments and thankful to have her here with us! Thanks Again!


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I was stuck at Chic-fil-a this morning in a meeting so I, who had just finished a routine of getting my system refreshed, ate a breakfast chicken bagle along with my three children. Not one was spared, all had nausea and headaches, followed by weakness and weariness. I cannot believe the side effects.


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Deborah Buczarski

Not only duo they have msg in their chicken, but soso have high fructose corn syrup in their sauces...NEVER going back there again...my mom took me there to test me, and I choked down the sandwich...now my stomach is gurgling and I am very thirsty. It's just not worth being polite to avoid an insult to someone.

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