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January 03, 2008


Greg Thompson

Quote: "Why have I decided to do this? There are a few reasons."


Ryan, you've been reading too many Gary Halbert dollar bill letters.

This post would've been hilarious for insiders if you would've began with:

"Dear Friend,

As you can see, I've attached a link to my new blog to this post.

Why have I done this? Actually there are a few reasons..."

Ryan Healy

Hey Greg - That's too funny. I actually have read very little of Halbert's stuff... and none of it recently. Be that as it may, I still write like a copywriter I guess. :-)

Robert Lehrer

Congratulations Ryan, for your step forward. I went to and saw nothing about your blog. Is there another URL that I should go to in order to sign up for your RSS feed from the new website?

Ryan Healy

Hey Robert - Thanks for the heads-up. There is something there... but GoDaddy seems to be having hosting problems today. This morning the blog didn't show up. I checked all the SQL databases, hosting accounts, etc. Everything checked out.

The blog came up again this morning, but it's possible the hosting glitch hasn't been totally resolved. If that's the case, please try the blog later today or tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.

If GoDaddy continues to have problems, I may have to switch hosting accounts.

Ruby Garson

Transfer me over Ryan, I'm with you! Just tell me how!


P.S. I'm sorry I didn't know you were looking for someone to write about health. I have more knowledge in that subject than probably any other. Let me know if that situation arrises again. I must have joined, after that posting.

I look forward to your posts. And would be honored to write articles for you. Just let me know.

God Bless

Ruby E. Garson
Direct Response Letters

Joseph Ratliff @ The Profitable Business Edge 2


Ever since I moved my blog from a Blogger domain to my own...

I have tripled my reader base, own over 1300 links to my site...etc...

You are making a very good call here.

I am visiting your site now...and will change my Blogroll to reflect this.

Joseph Ratliff
Author of The Profitable Business Edge 2

Pat B. Doyle

Ryan, I think this is a good idea. I checked out your new blog - how did you get to a Page Rank 2 already?

Ryan Healy

Pat - Great question. I've responded in a post you can read here...

Daniel Mcgonagle

Congratulations ryan for your step forward! always keep up the good work and i wish you all the best! cheers!


In today's world, our bodies still require the complete balance of pure nutrients and energy provided by live whole foods. The modern demands of our fast-paced world have led to the processing of food to the point of non-nutrition. Unlock the secret code to discover the real truth about Health and Nutrition.

tower defense

I think this is a good idea. I checked out your new blog - how did you get to a Page Rank 2 already?

Herbal ED Remedies

Hello, I'd like to get my site listed at your 'Health Links' section.
Is it possible?
Thanks for your time.


Hmm. Yes. Same as Herbal ED.
Could I get listed in the health section as well?
Don't want to be a burden.
Take your time.

Hardgainer Workout

Sucks to here that, but I'm way to late anyway. haha. Good luck!

Web Copywriter | Nikki

I enjoyed your blog!

I will check out your new blog.


Matthew Leanna

That's a pretty smart move, seeing as you already have a rank 2. Maybe it's also liberating for your readers; they do sometimes follow blogs not for the topics being covered, but for the style of the writer. Hehe, that would be a very flattering reason, but in most cases it's true. You're very fortunate for having such loyal supporters.

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