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December 13, 2007


Walt Goshert

Thanks Ryan,

Just put a post on my blog.

Hey, how 'bout a follow-up to the Tea Party... after we all contribute to R.P. on Sunday, let's all follow your lead:

Put up a Ron Paul website!

On my "To-Do list today:

Ryan Healy

Thanks, Walt. I really appreciate it.

I will absolutely post a follow-up about the Tea Party. I hope it will be all over the news.

I've also begun the process of getting elected as a delegate in my county to help Ron Paul get the Colorado nomination.

This is uncharted territory for me, so we'll see what happens.

Greg Thompson

Ron Paul kicks ass. I just wish he really had a shot at winning. What little attention the press gives him is very one-sided.

Ryan Healy

Greg - I think Ron Paul has an excellent shot at winning. The nomination isn't won by how much press you get, but by how many people get involved at a local and state level.

The more Ron Paul supporters who become delegates within their precincts and districts, the more chance Ron Paul has of winning.

Also, I imagine the press will start paying attention to Ron after this Sunday. All fund-raising records will be broken.

Walt Goshert


I agree... Dr. Paul does have a chance to win if we all join your strategy.

We need to fight the fight both ONLINE and OFFLINE.

Register Republican. Vote in your State Primary. Become a state delegate. Make Ron Paul yard signs. Talk to EVERYONE you meet about Ron Paul.

BTW,Ryan... are you in Arapahoe or Douglas County?

Somewhere I thought I saw a mention that you live in Highlands Ranch?

Ryan Healy

Walt - I lived in Highlands Ranch until I moved to Parker in October. I am still in Douglas County. You?

By the way, if you want to read about why I moved, go here...

Why I Moved

Walt Goshert


Smart move. During my 23 years in Colorado, Denver, Colorado Springs, Littleton... I both made and lost money on homes I owned.

Right now, I'm back in Lancaster County,PA where I grew up... renting... completely debt free, and socking away tons of money.

People get emotionally confused. Your home is not an investment.

Tax breaks on business ownership, coupled with aggressive deferred investments in retirement accounts (I'm talking 20% or more in a SEP) far exceed the tax benefits of home ownership... especially in the current housing market.

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