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November 12, 2007


Michael Roach

If I were American, I'd definitely be voting for Ron Paul as well. I've watched most of the videos posted on his website. I love listening to his ideas. I think he would make an excellent President.

I wish we had a similar libertarian movement in Canada. We could definitely use it!


First time I've ever disagreed with you Ryan. Not on raising money/marketing, but on the man himself.

Not going to go into a political diatribe, though I'm very tempted to do so.

Love ya long time, buddy.


I agree with you Ryan. I became fed up with the status quo years ago and have voted Libertarian ever since. They say I waste my vote, but I don't think there's much difference in Democrats and Republicans these days. I'm with you on Ron Paul.

Brian Ochsner


Great minds think alike!

Ron Paul's ideas are radical for people who A) Don't understand the Constitution, B) Don't understand the difference between asset-based and fiat currencies, and/or C) Don't understand that you can't borrow and spend your way to long-lasting economic prosperity (like we've tried to do in America).

There's hardly any difference between other GOP candidates (the exception is Tancredo when it comes to immigration), and the Dems. It's also pretty obvious that mainstream media (along with Fox, or should I say Faux News) are all against him, because he threatens the political and financial Establishment - and their power base.

If you need a primer on the issues, go to YouTube and do a search on Peter Schiff (and watch his interviews on CNN, CNBC and Fox). What he says in the interviews are absolutely spot on when it comes to the US economy, the fundamentals and the problems we're facing.

The Wall Street cheerleaders these shows have opposing Schiff are paid shills, crazy or both.


I agree with Michael. I wish we had our own Ron Paul up here in Canada. Maybe America will be a beacon to the world again in 2008?

Ryan Healy

Michael and Curt - Perhaps it is not far off. If a Libertarian movement takes off in America, it may catch fire in Canada too.

Richard - Nice to meet a kindred spirit. I got sick of "choosing between the lesser of two evils" and just decided to vote my conscience. I've felt much better ever since. :-)

Brian - Indeed. Thanks for the recommended resources.

Chris - No diatribe needed. You and I probably agree on more than you might think. You and I both want life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. If we differ in anything, it is only in the means of how we believe this can and should be accomplished.

Of course, if there is something I should know about Ron Paul before I vote, I certainly want to know about it. I'm not one predisposed to persist in a belief despite the plain facts. Email me, okay?

Perry Droast

I'm with you on Ron Paul. I'm a Redemolib. I'm way too conservative to be a democrat, too liberal to be a republican, and think the government should do a little more than the Libertarians think they should but not a whole lot.

Most importantly, the government should run a surplus (a real one that is) not borrow our kids and their kids future, and then try to inflate out of it all the while saying they are fighting inflation.

That $29AUS I've had in the safe since we got back from Australia over 5 years ago might just fund my retirement yet.

James Alenteal

This is too funny. First Clayton Makepeace. Then Mark Hendricks. Now Ryan. Who's next, James Brausch?

It's actually not very funny, to think that a politician who stands for the Constitution is marginalized both politically and culturally. God help us.

Ryan Healy

James - I actually was unaware that Clayton Makepeace and Mark Hendricks had written about Ron Paul.

Yes, it is sad that a person who stands for the Constitution is shunned by the media, fellow politicians, and the average voter.

Perhaps we should just get rid of the Constitution since so many are against it? (I'm joking, of course.)

Perry Droast

Ryan wrote: Perhaps we should just get rid of the Constitution since so many are against it? (I'm joking, of course.)

I'm willing to bet there are plenty of people out there that want exactly that. The Constitution is an inconvenient impediment to taking complete advantage of the masses you know.

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