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November 02, 2007



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Don't these people who get their panties in a wad over something like mentioning God just get on your last nerve?

Imagine how pathetic and trivial the life is of that reader.

Joseph Ratliff


Guess that same person wouldn't have liked to read The Gary Halbert Letter, even though it is a proven course in direct marketing, because he breaks down and swears in it.

Wow, gotta look past the things you don't approve of and find the information you set out to actually find, I guess.

Joseph Ratliff

Ryan Healy

Steve - Seems the unsubscribe function is working fine. I can't find your email address anywhere in my system.

Chris & Joseph - The funny thing is, I'm not trying to convert anybody. It's just a part of who I am. So I don't make an effort to hide it.

Frankly, if somebody has information that can help me, I listen no matter what their personal beliefs may be.


Methinks that person has issues with God--not with you. Keep on.


People like that do not want to admit that they are not really in control of everything they see.

Knowing that God is the one in control of everything really gets to them.

Shame. Poor scared little souls. Knowing that they must pay the piper one day must really burn their bacon.

You just keep on going as you are.

By the way I am a relatively new visitor.


Here's my issue:

People say "God is in Control" when in reality they are just too friggin lazy to actually figure out the REALITY of what IS controlling their lives...

In other words, too many people encounter things they don't understand and then explain away their situation with one word: "GOD."

Frankly, that attitude is lazy, dumb, and freaking common.

Not that everyone is like that...

But tons of people rely on "God" as an excuse to avoid ACCURATE THINKING.

If you want to avoid reality, that's your choice.

I'm not saying that the concept of God can't be useful. It can be a powerful tool for some people.

When I see the word God, I usually interpret it as "nothing" and then look for the real meat of what the person was trying to say, which is sometimes hidden back there somewhere...

Ryan Healy

Lisa & Tommy - Thank you for the encouragement. I appreciate it. And welcome, Tommy. Hopefully, I will see you often.

Life - Certainly there is a risk of laziness when you believe God is in control of everything. Just look at what the concept of "fate" has done to places like the Middle East and India.

I think there is a balance. I believe God is in control, but I also believe in the critical importance of action.

Ronnie Brown

Good point, Ryan. There is a vast difference between believing God is in control and opens our eyes to opportunities and possibilities VS. expecting God to take over for our lack of initiative and responsibility. Besides that, religious and spiritual beliefs shouldn't have much to do with reading an e-book about getting copywriting clients. Seems to me some people are too sensitive and reactive for their own good. What does any of that matter if they land a deal with a client for 2 grand like I did with your info, right?


Not to mention that perhaps it's the folks who think God is an empty concept that are really not facing reality.

To paraphrase my favorite (pagan) philosopher Epictetus, "The only thing we can control is how we react to what befalls us."

God save me from the day that I reduce God to a "powerful tool".

And now, back to copywriting.

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