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October 22, 2007


Kyle Tully

Hey Ryan

I was at Mal Emery's Silent Killer seminar here is Aus on Friday.

One of the speakers talked about his most successful client's... they would hear a good idea in a seminar and literally leave the room to go to their hotel room and implement the change right then.

Removing the "Dear Friend" intro from my site has tripled reader time on my site, as well as producing over 500% more repeat visitors.

Testing rocks :)

Terry Dean

Congrats on the 7.14% conversion rate. That's impressive by any standard.

"It's not just about getting clients. It's about the lifestyle"

It's a pleasure to know I'm on your swipe file Ryan. :)

Now to go find your 7.14% page and swipe it for my files.


Suzanne Ryan

Thanks for sharing this. I consider it part of my copywriting education to pay attention to test results and learn what people did to tweak a sales page.

So I am does one actually test a web page?

Do you create identical pages (differentiated by tweaks)--and send them out to your list?

Or do you make changes to one page and test it for a few days?

Suzanne Ryan

argghhh...I posted the above before editing.

I meant: I consider it part of my ongoing education to inquire about others' test results.

It is fascinating to me what sort of little changes can affect a particular audience.

Ken Grindall

Hi, Ryan!

John Holzmann has been sending me some of your recent posts. Guess you could say I'm "the new you" here at InquisiCorp.

I'm an avid split-tester, like John and you.

He and I have been putting more and more effort into testing, especially in email pieces. The web team is doing more, too, though I'm not always part of that work.

Anyway, mostly wanted to say hi. I will be following your blog with interest. Great work!

Ken Grindall

P.S. Hope you won't mind a quick little pick at a rather tiny nit: In your email confirmation web page, at the end of your sentence, "The information you requested is on it's way!"... that "its" ought to be sans apostrophe, am I right? Sorry, JH is starting to rub off. :)

Ryan Healy

@ Kyle - Testing is awesome. Interesting about your "Dear Friend" discovery...

@ Terry - I swiped the letter for you and sent it by email.

@ Suzanne - I'll include your question when I respond to questions later this week. (See my "Open Question Time" post if you're confused.)

@ Ken - Nice to meet you. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a note. I'll look forward to interacting with you more often.

Yes, you're right regarding "its" and "it's." I'll take care of it. :-)

Andrew Cavanagh

Very sharp Ryan.

We're finding a split testing goldmine in images and captions too.

I'd also add that although the caption on your photo is good you could probably increase your response even MORE by rewriting it to put some kind of call to action in it.

Keep in mind that scanners look at photos and then read the caption under the photos.

If there's something under that photo like...

"the vacation I could take after using the secret revealed below"

You'll get far more people to move from scanning to actually reading the copy.

Andrew Cavanagh

I should also add that I've been saying for over 2 years "Dear Friend" on an online sales letter is a ridiculous waste of space.

The two biggest areas we're getting the biggest results on with split testing is changing (or adding) captions and opening lines.

If you're using "Dear Friend" to open your online sales letters you must like flushing your money down the toilet.

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