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October 19, 2007



I know the point of your blog entry isn't really floss effectiveness, but I couldn't resist mentioning my favorite floss - Oral-B Ultra Floss. It sort of collapses to get in between the tight spaces, but is abrasive (I need a better-fitting word here) enough to remove the plaque. Have you tried it?

Perry Droast


I guess you hit a nerve here. I've been using glide for years. The Reach product just shreds in between my teeth and breaks.

I bought some new glide recently and it is now flat and has at least 4 times the strands of the old stuff.

Makes me wonder if they did that to address the effectiveness problem.

Great point though. Which is more important in the marketplace. Effective or fast?

Ryan Healy

@ Barry - No, I haven't tried Oral-B Ultra Floss, but perhaps I will now that you recommend it.

@ Perry - I have one space where REACH sometimes shreds a little bit. I imagine you probably have tighter teeth than me.

They might have altered the product to address the issue of effectiveness. It might also be because Glide switched hands. It was invented by Gore, but it looks like it's currently owned and marketed by Crest.

Diana Dickert

Effective is good. Sure, flossing is a hard habit to learn, but it's possible to learn it. Dental floss is a useful tool since it does a great job removing those junk that the toothbrush can't remove.

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