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September 21, 2007


Joseph Ratliff |

The media question can also be answered this way:

How many of the senses of your target market can you engage as a copywriter using the media that you are marketing with?

Sight - can the market see you? What do they read about you?

Touch - can your market shake your hand? This is why seminars work so well.

Hearing - can your market physically hear what you are saying? Do they hear the story from referrals?

I add one more "sense"...

Think - what does your market think about you. How can you better engage this "sense."

The better you can engage your market, the easier it will be to get business, period. Think about how the media engages these senses, and at what level (i.e. Video does not engage sight as well as person - to - person contact in most cases).


Joseph Ratliff

Ray Edwards


You always amaze me with the quality and thoughtfulness you display on this blog.

Good advice, as always.

Ryan Healy

@ Joseph - Thank you for addressing this question in light of our senses.

@ Ray - Thank you for the compliment. Means a lot. :-)

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