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September 01, 2007


John A. Manley

Those Bible quotes and that line of thought was something I used to seriously debate many years ago.

I now more lean towards: pray, love and take action to rectify the situation.

Think about this poor fellow. He's probably just going to go one stealing stuff -- digging a pit for himself that's going to be harder and harder to climb out of it.

Likewise the situation with the CD company.

It's EASY to let them slide. But what about all the other people they'll rip off in the future because you let them get away with it? They'll just keep on ripping people off until someone takes a stance.

Matthew Chapter 22 is good example... Jesus sure put the Pharisees on trial there. Christ makes any lawyer look rather lukewarm.

Jesus makes Pharisess face exactly what they are ("vipers" I believe was the term he used) and scolds them to no end.

I feel he did it in a loving way -- he wanted to prevent them from continuing their evil ways and no that gentle was not going to work.

"Criminals" are less mature parts of the population. Children. We owe it to them to guide them.

Nothing wrong with lawsuits, etc. -- if it's handled with the right attitude and done for the sake of justice and not just trying to squeeze every dime out of the other guy.

Most conn artists KNOW most people will turn the other cheek. They count on it.

I feel that turning the other cheek is more of an internal attitude you must adopt. Not to retaliate in anger, etc. Don't let it upset your soul. Keep calm -- but fight back.

EG the dentist who tried to rip me off $1,600. It only took a little correctional action, done in a none threatening but firm way to get all my money paid up plus interest.

Anyways, that's my take. It's worth noting that even Ghandi said "ahimsa" (non-violence) would not have worked on the Communists. It only worked to drive British Imperailism out of India because they were "gentleman."

Good post! I appreciate the fact you realize that spirituality isn't something you leave at the door when you enter your office.


Ryan Healy

Hey John - Excellent comments. I truly appreciate your perspective.

Like you, I believe there's value in taking action, so long as it's not done in a spirit of anger or hatred.

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