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September 13, 2007


Kyle Tully

Speaking of breakthroughs, it was the 5th or 6th reading of breakthrough advertising when it really started to sink in...

It's almost like the first 2 readings you just skim the surface, then once you begin to understand those parts the deeper stuff slowly comes to light.

Tim Schaefer

Funny you post this. I'm going through my 3rd reading right now... hitting a couple chapters a day when I have some spare time.

And Kyle's right about Breakthrough Advertising. That little book is chock full of wisdom that requires multiple reads.

Cory Fossum

I'll be reading Scientific Advertising again this weekend for an assignment in Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero's Gold group. She's actually giving us a test on it next week! Sometimes you just need the accountability, I suppose, but it *is* time I read it again after 3 years.

My biggest problem these days is that there is SO much great information out there and SO little time to get through it all. By the time I get through the first few chapters of a course or book, something else comes along that demands my attention.

I think they call this ADD in some circles. Though I prefer "information overload."

Ryan Healy

@ Kyle & Tim - Good for you for reading a book more than once. I've never read anything 7 times. That's amazing.

@ Cory - I'm with you. The "Curious George" in me wants to read everything. But the fact is, I can't. I get much more value when I go deep with one thing.

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