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September 07, 2007


Kyle Tully

Marketing 101, get them in with a free cookie then upsell a house :)

Shaune Clarke

One of the copyriters that works with me, Terri Dumont, is selling her house too -- As Kyle says, Great upsell Ryan.

I'll be sure to pass the idea long. : )


John Holzmann

VERY good post, Ryan! . . . And hilarious comment by Kyle Tully!

Thanks for the laughs.


I wish I could bake!


Hey Ryan,

Before my potential buyers came to look at the house, I'd baked banana bread. The house smelled great!

When they asked me the price of the home, I told them $20K more than I was originally thinking.

They have an appt w/the banker this week as they want the house.

It's a wonderful banana bread recipe! :-)


P.S. Can't beat the personal every aspect of life and business.

Ryan Healy

@ John - Glad you liked the post. :-)

@ Terri - Way to go! Getting $20K more than asking would really be something...

Joseph Ratliff


Copy always matters.

For example...

A credit card company tried to raise the rate on my credit card because my payment arrived 1 day late due to me forgetting to send it (oops).

I tried to contact customer service on the phone to ask to have my rate returned to the normal.

Didn't work.

So I sent them a letter...and utilizing my copywriting skills...persuaded them to give me an even lower rate.

:) It worked.

Lesson here? Watch your credit card statement, and copy ALWAYS matters.

Joseph Ratliff

Ryan Healy

@ Joseph - Great illustration. Thanks for sharing. (Credit card companies are nasty, aren't they?)

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