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July 12, 2007



In order with #1 the one I would most likely purchase

1. A special report about how to get your first client ($19-$29)

2. A monthly print newsletter on marketing ($20-$30 a month)

3. A membership web site for copywriters ($15-$25 a month)

4. A special report about blogging tips and tricks ($19-$29)

Thanks Ryan! Tammy

Cherilyn Lester

In order of most likely to least likely...

1. Copywriters Membership

2. Print Newsletter on marketing

3. Blogging tips & tricks

4. How to get your first client (I've already got clients, so I probably wouldn't buy this.)


- Cherilyn


I'm a seasoned copywriter and find that advertising on craigslist is a very good way to attract clients. However, I think that #1 would be my vote as the most important for newbies, followed by #2. Please tell your newly hatched copywriters to have thick skins and don't sell themselves short as far as pricing. You figure what you're worth and stick to it. The flaky clients will fall away and you'll be left with the ones that really matter. If clients won't pay for jobs you've already worked on, be your own collection agency and hound them, staying professional and dignified about it.

Joseph Ratliff


I would be interested in a copywriters membership site with access to the other three as part of the paid membership.

I would suggest that you offer a free option with some good content for those that can use it though.

Joseph Ratliff


I would vote for #3. I've heard many a copywriter say that after you get your first client - it's alot easier after that.


Chris O'Byrne

I think my preference would be:

1. A monthly print newsletter on marketing ($20-$30 a month)

2. A special report about how to get your first client ($19-$29)

3. A membership web site for copywriters ($15-$25 a month)

4. A special report about blogging tips and tricks ($19-$29)

If the monthly newsletter also included copywriting information, that would be even better.

And good job asking your readers for input, it's a great way to find what they REALLY want!

Carmen Hobbs


The membership would be my first choice followed by the newsletter. I already have my first client and have had 7 assignments from them. I need more experience and feel I could get better as a copywriter through netwroking with others.



I'd be interested in products 3 & 4.

Tony Wormer

My vote preference is as follows:
1. A special report about how to get your first client ($19-$29)

2. A monthly print newsletter on marketing ($20-$30 a month)

3. A special report about blogging tips and tricks ($19-$29)

4. A membership web site for copywriters ($15-$25 a month)


Susan Dyson

I'd be most interested in the paid membership site. I liked the idea of the other three being available within the membership. We're hungry for what you have to say, Ryan! Keep doing an excellent job.



I believe I'd vote for #1. I agree, that access to the other info as part of the paid membership site would be a plus.

I'm always interested in what you have to say.

Ken Fong

#2 printed material member ship, as #1 requires access to the computer, and sometimes you want to just relax and read and not be in front of the computer all the time..

so my order of preference would be 2,1,3,4


Hi Ryan:

I think I'd like to see someone come up with a good site for copywriters that isn't priced outrageously expensive, yet has information that is well worth the cost. Case in point, Ben Hart's marketing site is awesome at only $35/month and overdelivers in every way. (I got in some time ago, so I don't know if it's gone up in price.)
I also subscribed to other copywriting services, which I cancelled because they were not worth it. They had very little content and mostly touched upon ways of improving one's copy, rather than ways to master the art(which would be what so many who are new to the field are more concerned with).
I think that the other areas mentioned are well touched upon by other writers such as B. Bly, P. Bowerman, C. Makepeace, etc.. So maybe you should look to fill the void that exists. You might also incorporate a forum where newbies can ask questions or get a pro to give their copy a quick glance. I believe that a place where newbies and pros can go to access cutting edge info on copywriting, not just print, but also across other media, would definitely be welcomed.
I wish you all the best whatever you decide to do.

copywriting services


I'd go for #3.

Edward Santosh

Ed Anderson

Hi, My order of interest would be first client, copywriter subscription, blogging, and the marketing newsletter. I'm just starting out and I think the first client information would help me the most. I'm not sure I would pay for any of the others unless they looked really useful or were really cheap.

Gary Gilman


For me, I would like to see the membership site with all the other info included.

I would also like to see a "newbie" board as part of the site so that we could network with others and also ask questions that you could answer.

Another thing would be to allow new people to post their projects and have yourself and/or others critique them so that we could get better.

I am well aware that practice makes perfect but sometimes if you don't practice right, you don't know you're wrong.

Thanks Ryan and keep up the great information

Scott Baughman

Ryan -

It is with eager anticipation that I read your emails when they arrive in my little treasure chest known as an "inbox."

I think they are all good ideas - worthy of your implementation. There is just one problem, and I hesitate to bring it up. However, as a loyal student of Dan Kennedy I feel a compelling urge to be totally candid with you. You are priced to low on all of them. I think you should at least double your price on all of the products - except for those of us that have provided you with feedback. For all of us, the price listed is good (just kidding!).

First Choice = A membership web site for copywriters ($15-$25 a month)
Another First Choice = A monthly print newsletter on marketing ($20-$30 a month)
Still another first choice = A special report about how to get your first client ($19-$29)
And last - but certainly not least - yet another first choice - A special report about blogging tips and tricks ($19-$29)

I hope I have not totally screwed up your decision making process but I certainly think that they are all excellent and worthy of someone with your skill and ability to make available.

I hope my input has helped - even though I am quite sure it is not what you were expecting.

Keep me posted!


Ryan Healy

Wow! Thank you all for your responses. Greatly appreciated. :-)

Of course, if you haven't voted yet, I welcome your feedback as well.

More to come...


Ryan--I'd vote 3, 1, 2, 4. Depending on the content of the membership site, that could sneak up to first place.


Really the only one I would be interested in at this point personally, would be how to get your first client. I think that's great information.

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