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July 29, 2007


Chris O'Byrne

This is one of those questions that, as you try to answer it, you end up coming up with one idea after another and then forget what you were originally working on in the first place! So... the first question that come to mind is not about how to get that first client, but HOW do I get that first client! But seriously, what comes to mind is how to show your potential client that you really do have the ability to write effective copy. Is it enough to create "made up" samples or should you take that first client on for free? Where are the best places to find potential clients? What is the best way to advertise your services?

There are so many questions related to this seemingly simple thing, I applaud you for taking it on.

One other comment... please continue to stay real with us. Some of the recent promotions you've sent us feel way to hypey (is that really a word?) and rather out of character for you. If you truly believe in a product, maybe you could just write about it in a real down-to-earth manner and tell us specifically how it has helped you. Goodness knows I've been guilty of the same thing and it always seems to backfire on me. Most of the time, you do a great job of being "real" and I really connect with what you are saying. Thanks for all the work you put into this blog!


If you are brand new to the business - how would you suggest designing your "ideal" mix of clients? and what realistically should you strive for as an income in the first six months and then for the full year? Is the income based all on fees, or can you expect retainers/royalities to contribute to your first years income?

Ed Anderson

Hi, my question is on getting your first client is 'How do I address my problem of having minimal experience?' and maybe 'Is cold calling the best way to find new customers or is there a better way?' Any advice on getting started would be good. Thanks, Ed

Ryan Healy

Excellent questions so far. Thank you.

We've got three here... and I've received three more by email.

This report is going to be good!

Gary B. Wright

How should my website look in order to attract customers and have them take me seriously when visiting my site?

Tracy Robinson

If not motivated by money or material things, how can you justify striving to earn those? I know it is more of an off the wall question, but right now I have enough money to live off of for the next few years that I don't work and so feel really unmotivated, so what is the best way to be motivated that's unrelated to money?

Ryan Healy

Tracy - I'll do my best to answer your question right now.

Regarding your situation...
This is where life gets tough. You actually have to get on with living!

Do something that gets you excited, whatever that may be. And/or do something that is focused outside of yourself. Volunteer or contribute to a meaningful cause.

Life is not about the home you live in or the car you drive. It's about what you do and who you share it with. Stay active. Stay connected. Otherwise, depression won't be far off.

I'm not at all trying to be negative here. It's just that money is one big diversion that keeps most of us from really living. Once that distraction is out of the way, you're finally going to have to face the big questions.

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