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July 09, 2007


Joseph Ratliff

Ok Ryan,

1) What are your best tracking and testing tools you use to monitor the results of your marketing, or even your clients marketing?

2) What are your top three pieces of advice for copywriters in gaining "big name" clients?

There you go.

Joseph Ratliff

Brian Ochsner

Here are my questions:

1) What are the best current methods to grow a quality, responsive e-mail list?

2) What are the keys to successful and profitable affiliate marketing
(promoting other's products, as well as having one for your own products)?

Thanks in advance!


Ryan Healy

Great questions, Joseph and Brian. I've also gotten one email response... so we've got five questions so far. Who's next?


Where do you find your markets and assignments?

Ryan Healy

Great question, Evelliott. I've also received another anonymous question by email. Keep 'em coming. :-)

Fiona Fell

My most pressing question: How do you portray or express the 'value' of your premium services?

I have been hitting a dead-end finding and converting clients to premium (high priced) services and need a hand with some advice.

Fiona Fell



I am ready to launch my business within the next month or two as a sole proprietorship. I am going to be moonlighting on the side basically from my regular job. However, one thing has been nagging at me. Is a sole proprietorship a decent alternative to just starting out? I hear people all the time saying that its best to incorporate, however, if I am starting out as a moonlighter, do I really need to incorporate or form an LLC from the outset?




1. How do you keep organized in tracking all of your marketing efforts? Do you use Analytics, trackings tools, excel spreadsheet?

2. What are your primary sources of traffic coming from?

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