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July 19, 2007


Curtis Alexander

Hi Ryan,

Your post about TV is right on.

In fact, I almost feel as though you are describing my own life.

Even though I still work full-time as a pharmacist my part-time income from copywriting is fast approaching my pharmacist income.

...Your burn-out post resonated also :)

So, yes...over 3 years ago now we ditched TV never to look back again. Quite possibly the best decision we've made.

We also plan to homeschool our children.

After I bulged to an all-time high of 210-pounds I ditched junk food for an all-natural diet.

I've been steady now at 185 for 2 years.

Despite all these changes that are positive in my mind we are bombarded by family and 'friends' as to why we can - and why we would - make such crazy changes.

...we're considered odd. And right now odd feels good.


Ryan Healy

Hey Curtis - That's awesome! Thanks for sharing your story.

It is funny how family and friends have the best intentions... and some of the worst advice.

Glad to have you as a reader--stay in touch. :-)

Stephen Dean

Hey Ryan - I remember we quit watching TV right around the same time. I've never regretted it, but sometimes not being able to watch sports is a little too much!

Ryan Healy

Hey Stephen - Nice to hear from you. I guess you could make watching sports a social event.... just invite yourself over to a fellow sports fan's house where there is a TV. ;-)

Andrea Morris

I've been sans TV for about 6 months now. My results?

I've lost 60 pounds, I've increased productivity in my business, I actually have time to get out and DO things (I started salsa dancing & karaoke - I live in the city so birdwatching is a little tough).

Cheers to you and your big leap forward. :-)

John Holzmann

Hey, Ryan! Congratulations on ditching the TV. . . . I didn't know you-all had any issues with it in the first place!

My suggestion (we didn't own a TV for our first 15 years of marriage or so; then bought an old used set in order to enjoy the '92 Olympics): it's okay to own a TV and to use it responsibly. But, depending on your ability to handle these things:

* Make sure it is NOT in a central position in your home. (We have always placed it down in the basement, in an out-of-the-way spot.)

* Make sure few if any pieces of furniture are situated in such a way that they face the TV. (Put another way: make TV-watching something you have to DECIDE to do.)

* If you need to, stick it in the closet and pull it out only when you REALLY want to invest the time and energy.

I guess, in sum: make it force you to engage in a positive decision TO "consume" rather than forcing every OTHER option to overcome the momentum that the TV-in-the-living-room creates. . . .


I enjoy your blog!

Ryan Healy

Hey, John! Great to "see" you here. :-)

Steph and I have never had an issue with TV ourselves (we didn't have any channel reception for the first four years of our marriage)... but it became in issue with our kids.

They would whine when they couldn't watch it, then become irritable after watching it. They've been so much better behaved (and creative!) without the TV.

Also, thanks for your advice regarding how to limit use of a TV when you have one. Very helpful suggestions.

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