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June 28, 2007


John A. Manley

This is copywriting basics. So basic it took me years to really get it.

I think people spend so much time on pitch because they are trying to sell their product to "anyone"--forgetting that they are speaking to (or should be at least) to a targeted audience.

People already with a desire or need your product can fulfill.

You just want to prove to them that your product can fulfill that desire/need/want.


Ryan Healy

John - Great observation about this being basic, yet difficult to fully grasp.

After all, why would Gary Bencivenga spend the better part of a $5,000 seminar hammering on the importance of proof?

I wasn't there, but people who went said the event could be summed up in a single word: proof.

Joseph Ratliff


Nicely done...I think this needs to be revisited in future posts on copywriting.

But one you left off the list for Proof...well, guess it kinda falls under "product samples", but not really.

It is the main reason people surf the net.


I have tested, that if you provide a little useful information in your sales copy, it works wonders.

Not crud. But something the audience may not have known before reading your sales letter, direct mail, etc...

Information adds to the proof.

Joseph Ratliff

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