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June 07, 2007


Chris O'Byrne

On a sort of related note, I've had some experience with and would highly recommend them at this point. I had to design and publish a book for a client and decided to use The process was incredibly easy and we received a top-notch product. The nice thing is that it is publish-on-demand, so you don't pay anything until you have something ordered and printed.

This is definitely not the solution to what you are talking about, Ryan, but good to know about for similar projects. For example, if you have a report or group of PDFs on a similar topic that you want to distribute to clients anywhere in the world, you can send the PDF to and have it available for them to purchase as an actual book. (They also do ebooks, but that's going back the other way.)

There is some more information about this at

Joseph Ratliff


Also on a similar note...the latest updates for Adobe Reader include a little button in the upper left hand corner of any opened pdf...

That button connects to Fedex Kinkos printing service.

Joseph Ratliff
Author of The Profitable Business Edge


I definitely did not know this. very useful to be aware of.

your blog's fascinating. I actually did not know copy writing could be this interesting. I'm starting to seriously consider possibly getting into it.

btw, it's Will, from the arizona conference. hope you're doing well. good to see you (in writing, haha). email me back, it'd be cool to hear from you.

Ryan Healy

Hey Will - Good to hear from you. Glad you've enjoyed reading my blog.

I leave for 10-day vacation tomorrow, so I'll get in touch with you when I return.

tower defense

I actually did not know copy writing could be this interesting. I'm starting to seriously consider possibly getting into it.

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