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June 13, 2007


Joseph Ratliff


I especially like the part of that writing

"will gladly accept despotism in order to gain release from the burden of responsibility that freedom imposes on people."

Translated a little...

"Would rather take the path of least resistance."

But I will always take the success comes with those "burdens", all day long.

Amazing how over 100 years have past...and even with the Internet, you still actually have to "work" to create your success.


Joseph Ratliff
Author of The Profitable Business Edge

John A. Manley

When I saw your subject line appear in my Google home page RSS feed, it made me click right away (I'm actually supposed to be doing something else).

I knew exactly what you mean. I guess that's why I've been difficult to employ.

Free, really is the keyword in freelance.

Sure there are risks. Not all of them bad.

Being a freelance copywriter means you risk living in a cardboard box, because you can't pay the bills.

It also means you risk living in your dream home because a promotion you write, succeeds big-time and pays a fortune in royalties.

Congrats on your two-year anniversary Ryan! Goes fast, doesn't it?


Ryan Healy

Thanks for the congrats, John. And yes... it goes very fast. Feels like I started my freelance career yesterday. :-)

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