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May 15, 2007



Wow. And I thought my office was bad! Ha.

Ryan, messy is beautiful (for a while.)

Congrats, it looks great!

The best part, there's hope for me too.

I think you can equate the massive initial learning curve to the "mess" and the sucess to the clean up.

Well done!

Tracey "Word Doctor" Dooley

Ryan, your 'before' picture is what I'd expect the 'after' picture of my home office to look like. ;-)

I just can't bear the thought of starting to clear it all. Honestly...

You didn't mention the effect that the 'after' office had on your work productivity, etc.

Ryan Healy

Well, Tracey, I felt so relieved when my study was finally clean.

You see, I had written a to-do item on my to-do list that said, "Clean my study."

I had to recopy that item for a year. So the emotional relief of finally getting it off the list was great!

It's like that with any task I've been avoiding. I guess that's why Brian Tracy says, "Eat that frog!"

In other words, do the thing you least want to do FIRST... just to get the burden off your shoulders.

You'll be so energized after completing the difficult task, you'll blast through the easier things on your list!

Joseph Ratliff


With every piece of paper that crosses your desk...

1) Use it.

2) File it.

3) Or Throw it away.

I have adopted that methodology, and my office looks clean now. :)

Joseph Ratliff



Fortunately, that doesn't happen to me. Every time I begin to slip up, my wife threatens to throw everything out. So there's another deadline I need to meet. Or else...



The only thing that got me to clean the office was that I had to remove everything to have new carpet put in. Whatever it takes!


Ryan Healy

Carmen - My piles on the kitchen counter often only move when we're having guests over to dinner. So I know what you mean!

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