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May 10, 2007


Joseph Ratliff


Nicely done.

Two of the scenarios where I use sub - heads:

1) To transition between new ideas.

2) To emphasize a BIG selling point.

3) To create excitement.

Oops, that was three. :)

Joseph Ratliff

JP Maroney

Great post Ryan!

Don't you find that subheads work really well when they're MEGA-STOPPERS?

Like the one I recently used...


Hard to resist stopping to read that.

Robert Lehrer

Fabulous blog, Ryan! I now have a much better feel for the use of subheads.

After I read your May 4 blog, I also asked Michel Fortin about when to use subheads. He said much of what is covered here and added some valuable details.

One of the valuable points that he mentioned was that he uses subheads for people that scan articles when they read them.

Michel explained that people read copy differently than they do a book, making the subheads a great way to break up the copy.

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