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May 22, 2007


Chris O'Byrne

Should we start a discussion as to whether or not ANY ladder leads to happiness? My spiritual studies lead me to believe that happiness does not reside in any approach or goal or path. There is a connection between the two, but I do not feel that happiness depends on which ladder or ladders you choose to climb.

Ryan Healy

Sure, Chris. I encourage you to share your opinion, whether you agree with me or not.

Terry Dean

Great article!

I've ran into this issue before. I hit my income goals...and then I was like "Now What?"

Going after bigger and bigger income goals didn't make any sense. So What?

Finding something you can set as goals both short-term and long-term is essential for me...and it has to be outwardly focused. got the money, the cars, etc. What is it that can passionately drive you to greater success? That's the key.

Great job hitting the bullseye Ryan.

Ryan Healy

Thank you for the compliment, Terry. And thanks for sharing your personal insight. Very helpful.

Sandra Wyatt

Which ladder to climb is important only if we remember the real key to success. That is to make sure what ever ladder we climb, and why we climb it, our primary goal here is to Glorify God. We can be very successful and it means little if we do not Glorify God with that success. It is great to be successful, but who are you giving the credit?

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