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May 23, 2007


Rob in Denver

Ryan wrote:
"In case you're wondering, Blogger doesn't have Trackback functionality, which is one reason I don't suggest using it."

I think it might be a user setting. I frequently leave trackbacks to a favorite blog that's hosted by Blogger.

You can find one here.

Ryan Healy

Thanks for the clarification, Rob. Since I don't use Blogger, I was speaking from assumed knowledge. Oops!

Maybe somebody who actually uses Blogger can clarify how it works...

Chris O'Byrne

Okay, Ryan, you convinced me to switch back to WordPress. You should now see at least two trackbacks from me.

Thanks for the useful info!

Ryan Healy

Thanks, Chris! I saw one come through last night on "Ladders to Climb." I published it, so you can see that it worked. I'll keep my eyes open for the other one.


Sweet! Great tip, Ryan. I'll give it a go.

Ryan Healy

You're welcome, Marcus. I just published your Trackback. You should see it above. And... thank you! I appreciate it. :-)

Diane Clancy

Hi Ryan,

I thought you would be interested in this

It is a post on the Art Biz Blog where she refers to this article. Alyson and I had been working on getting trackbacks going right.

She tips her hat to you and me.

~ Diane Clancy

Ryan Healy

Thanks for the heads-up, Diane. I just saw Alyson's trackback and published it.


I've been trying to nut out the trackback function in Wordpress for ages. Thanks for enlightening me!

Bart Westgeest

Blogger has something they compare with Trackback called "Backlinks". For info see


Thanks for this post! I found it on Google searching trackbacks, btw... I never noticed how many people sent trackbacks to Seth Godin's blog until you mentioned it, ha.

Again, thanks! Helpful info and I'll pass it along.

tower defense

I saw one come through last night on "Ladders to Climb." I published it, so you can see that it worked. I'll keep my eyes open for the other one.


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