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April 16, 2007


Jamie Lees

No is a great word and I have been practicing it myself now for a few years. Keep up the good work!


Hey Ryan,

What a great topic. I need to say no more often myself.

I typically scan the front page of the newspaper once or twice a week. My wife likes to get it so we keep paying.

I'm letting go of many of the paid publications I receive. They can waste an incredible amount of time and money. I looked at the pile of unread newsletters and magazines in my office and that just confirms the non-renewals.

But I just plain don't want to give up coffee. I absolutely love it. I'm one of the weirdos that orders it black at Starbucks. Even the barristas look at me funny. I never pay for anything but coffee - I don't really care for lattes or other blended drinks.

But my wife and kids make fun of me though. I'll let my coffee get cold, heat in the microwave, get impatient and leave in there until it's cold again. In fact I usually just drink it cold if the pot is off when I get back to it.

Now if I could only learn to say no other time killing activities. I better start practicing.

Ryan Healy

Perry - That is funny. But hey, coffee addictions come in every shape and size.

For more than 10 years, my dad would drink a pot a day at work.

Me, I never drank it at work. And almost never past lunch time. I always liked to drink my coffee at home, in the morning.

My wife was like you, in one sense. She'd pour her coffee and then "reheat" it about 5 minutes later in the microwave. She always likes her coffee blazing hot.

Anyway, we're both off coffee now. She always gives it up when she's pregnant or nursing. I just decided it was time for me to give it up as well.

Perhaps I'll soon give a report here about how I'm feeling without all these things...


Ryan I enjoyed your post. This is a topic I'm personally trying to figure out. I want to be extremely productive so I feel I need coffee. I've tried drinking green tea, but the effects of that tend to only kick in around 3 pm in the afternoon. That's when all the "heavy lifting" gets done. How do you maintain an alert, focused mind throughout your work day without coffee?

Brian O.

Saying "no" to TV is one of the best things anyone can do to improve the quality of their life. I haven't had any TV channel on in my place the last 4 1/2 years; it was the best thing I've ever done. I still watch DVDs or VHS tapes of movies , marketing and personal improvement info.

95% of all TV programs are pretty much mental garbage - not to mention the commercials. TV tends to make you passive, stupid and lazy, and really doesn't provide much mental 'brain food.'

When you remove the 'idiot box' from your life, your thinking will be clearer, and you'll probably be happier as well. TV ads are notorious for trying to get you to 'keep up with the Jones.' I think that's a big reason why we've seen the foreclosure rate spike up the past few years: People trying to out-do their neighbors or co-workers buying a bigger 'McMansion' that they could barely afford. A big part of that (IMO) is because of the programming from television and mass media.

Good 'food for thought' - enjoy your trip to Arizona.


Katie Cummings

Saying "no" is similar to setting boundaries with people. When you don't want to get jerked around and forced into doing things you don't want to do, just say no. We've gotten rid of TV too. We just didn't set it up after we moved. My kids have a totally different attitude too. We talk better, we do more creative things, and we seem to have more quality time together overall. Not to mention not hearing my seven year old say, "I want that" at every commercial and finding myself saying no all day.

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