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April 25, 2007



loose Change is interesting, but it's almost as full of holes, or at least guilty of illogical leaps, as the official government explanation.

Until he was murdered by state troopers (they said he was running away, yet he had a wooden leg from his service in Viet Nam), William Cooper's site ( pages of inconsistencies too difficult for the government to explain. My fav was the time difference: it was dark at the time Palestinians were supposedly dancing with joy in the streets on 9/11.

Michael Roach

David, I just checked a time zone map. Jerusalem is 7 hours ahead of New York. At 10:00 am EST, it would be 5:00 pm in Palestine. So why do you say it was dark?

I tried to watch Loose Change once, but couldn't be bothered to finish it. It's just a bunch of ridiculous conspiracy conspiracies, in my opinion.


Michael, i didn't say it was dark. I said my favorite inconsistency of William Cooper's was that it was dark.


I'm playing devil's here, but i've been in third world countries that didn't use Daylight Saving Time it was dark at 5pm.

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