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April 05, 2007


Ben Settle

That's a great post Ryan.

Your list order is spot on, too.

Following it makes things a LOT less frustrating (to say the least).

Terry Dean

Great post Ryan!

I agree completely.

I just hope no one comes in and tries to "blame God" for their failures. It's easy to miss the "action" key in this.

Ray Edwards

Uh-oh. Now the secret's out.

EVERYBODY will be doing it.

Mike Jezek

Great post Ryan. The same has been true in my life.

Codrut Turcanu

That's a great posting.

I totally agree with your rank!

Codrut Turcanu.

Sarah McIver

Wow, I must be in the wrong career!

I didn't realise it was for the religious only...

Ryan Healy

Ah, but Sarah, I did not say you had to attend church. :-)

In all seriousness, I'm surprised (and encouraged) that so many have agreed with me.

But just because you aren't religious, doesn't mean you shouldn't be a copywriter.

I'm not religious either, although you may think it from my writing...

Lee Little

Good point--even for those of us who have a different understanding of God.
I certainly struggle with balancing action with mental and spiritual practices.
And I'd love it if skill was the deciding factor in success-it's much easier to acquire than faith!


If success is essentially and primarly god's contribution, then failures are also god's dectates. So it is a question of human mindset. This reminds me of a childhood story. The minister who always assisted the king in all his deeds and action use to say "God does every thing for good". Once the King found the minister guilty on some ground and at a fury he ordered dismembering of the right hand thump of the minister. Later when the king came to know of his mistake he applogised to the minister. Even at this juncture the minister remarked "God does every thing for good". The king and the entire court laughed at this considering the remark as very silly. As the days passed by the king and the minister went to the forest on a hunting exercise. A gang of nomadic fanatics caught hold of the king and minister precisely for offering one of them as a sacrifice to their godes by severing the head and burning the same over the huge pire in front of their place of worship. When they identified the first person as the king of their country, they allowed him to go away unharmed. His request to free the minister who was very important to the country was not accepted. The minister was kept to be sacrificed to their god at the night's gathering.When the minister was brought to the alter, their spiritual head noticed that the minister was not a complete person as required by their tredition for the sacrifice. This was because the minister was not having his thump. So they left him free to go to his native place. The king who came back with is fighters to free the minister met him half way happy and singing the praise of god.

This small story takes us nearer to the a line in the Bagavath geeth where god himself tells his followers to do his duty sincerely and with total involvement and not to desire for personal gratification which will be taken care of byngod himself. If one fails continuously in some tasks inspite of systematic efforts, perhaps it is the design of the providence to take him to entirely different plains. God is infalible. The famous saying goes "faith cures and absolute faith cures absolutely"


Priorities are an important part of success. Without clarity, it's easy to work in spiritual fog and wander in circles before reaching one's goal.

Thanks for having the courage to post the priorities that have provided the path to your success.

Ryan Healy

Lee - You mentioned that skill is easier to acquire than faith. It seems that's true.

For instance, I have a friend who for years has told me he wants faith, but can't seem to acquire it.

It's not for lack of wanting, but simply not having.

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