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April 09, 2007


Stephen Dean

Hey good work Ryan. I've still got mine plugged into my DVD player, but I told my cable provider that their Internet service will be all I need. I'm finally learning how to play that guitar... and yeah, reading more books. Cheers!


We haven't had cable in years. Even the kids got used to it. It's almost gotten to the point I can't afford the books my daughter reads. Fortunately my son moved out and buys his own books now. But we do subscribe to Netflix. I love watching a good movie once in a while. But I watch almost no tv. We do have an antenna on the roof (yes tv is still broadcast over the air) and I watch the news once in a while. I think I watched the news once in the last 3 weeks. My wife watches TV on Sunday night and Thursday night. Otherwise we read books mostly. Or we actually sit down and have a nice conversation. Imagine that.


Congratulations on joining the group Ryan.

Other than a brief four-year period when i first moved in with my wife, I've been TV free.

We have VHS and DVD players connected so we can watch instructional and workout videos, but there's no connection to the propaganda stream.

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