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April 18, 2007


Copywriting Maven

Hi Ryan, I took a look and wondered about this:

"We strive to ensure that your share amounts aren't going to fund unbiblical, unhealthy (and expensive) lifestyles."

So if I read this right, if you're sick from doing something unbiblical (and who makes this call, I wonder?) ... they won't cover you?

What if you or your child gets sick from something unbiblical done by someone else, do they still get to say no?

Super-duper headline, tho!

Ryan Healy

Hey Roberta - Great questions. I'm not sure exactly how it works since I've only investigated it minimally.

I think their main purpose is to provide accountability from a biblical point of view, which makes sense.

The primary reason health care costs have skyrocketed is... zero accountability.

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