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March 20, 2007


Jane Hendry

Hi Ryan,

Nice post! I particularly like the bit where you recommend we focus on what we CAN control, which in this case is the value we provide. I think we sometimes forget that we can't control outcomes.

For example, you can't control whether you get offered a job or not. But what you can control is how much time, effort and application you put into finding a job. And of course, it's so much the better if you let go of the outcome.

Interesting thoughts for a Tuesday afternoon!

Jane :-)

Caleb Osborne


Very good post my man.

I've found the exact same to be true in my walk with God.

All that's required is abandonment to your will and a commitment to His... and the Faith to see that decision through.

I approached my copywriting career like that... and I've just been AMAZED at how far I've come in just one year (I started full time last march).

My mindset (after much worrying, focusing too much on money and whatnot) became...

"Lord, I'm sold out to you, It would suck-but if you want me to fail-I'm cool with that. However, it seems like you're opening doors and I'm gonna keep walking through them and enjoying what seem to be your blessings (and heck, I've seen from hindsight of past experiences even things that don't seem to be blessings always turn out to be). Your will be done"

Hey Ryan, I don't want my sincerity to be misconstrued as me just trying to promote my stuff, so I'm going to email you a link to my website :)

talk soon,


Hi Ryan,

I agree with you 100% ~ God is in control of all these things and, in fact, everything we think we "have" belongs to Him.

In the past, our family has experienced a lot of ups and down in cash flow, having run our own business for many years. However, when I turn it over to God and ask His help, He's never let us down. He's awesome!

Recently, I've even questioned my own desire to become a copywriter, seeing all the . . . er . . . "schmuck" going on in this field. Like you, I have a strong desire to operate my business with integrity and honesty, for the glory of the Lord. I'm pleased to see I'm not the only one out there.

I do appreciate your being here, and being so open.

Jen Gowers

Sandra Wyatt

First time I have posted, although I always read your information when it arrives in my mailbox.
I am in my business today, because God had a different plan for my life.
I was a paralegal for 12 years and after being diagnosed with multiple brain tumors, I no longer could work in a stressful enviroment. Hence, I started my own business. What an opportunity to let God be in control and now I work for Him.

Thanks for such a wonderful testimony!

Sandra Wyatt

Becki Maxson

Ryan, such a true post. My husband works for the #1 chip maker and they had some significant layoffs last fall. Nearly everyone was really stressed because their faith was in the company paycheck.

The guys who weren't sweating were the people who knew that God has ultimate control over our work, our finances, our families, our very lives.

As a small business owner you learn that money is just a by-product of truly helping people. Without over-simplifying too much, the equation generally goes like this: provide more help, more income. Less help, less income.

It's doing the small things everyday that produce a cumulative effect.

They're easy to do, and they're easy NOT to do.

Good discussion point!

Becki Maxson

Richard Jarman

Ryan--Great post, great wisdom. And something that I apparently need to hear. I say that because this morning, the first verse I wrote in my prayer journal was Psalm 20:7. That was long before I had read your post. Seems like God might be trying to tell me something...

Lee Little

The idea that money isn't spiritual has me questioning my desire for a successful career too. As our society keeps score with dollars, I let my definition of success come from outside instead of my higher self (God if you want).
I still struggle with allotting a significant amount of my day to spiritual work--prayer, meditation, and studying the great teachers.
Good to know I’m not alone!

Ali Manson

Hey Ryan,

Man, it's really refreshing to hear an "alternate" take on the usual "money, money, money" rants that populate copywriting forums and blogs...

I have to admit, the money was a perk that influenced my decision to start a copywriting career, but ultimately, I have been taken another route by God.

Through numerous circumstances, He has shown me that faith in my capacity to earn more money can (but not will) have negative consequences in my life if I lose perspective.

He can (and will) bless us abundantly if we are willing to devote our time and our money to helping others.

That's why I often have to realign my thinking and make a conscious effort to be available for serving God through any capacity. Whether that be through my writing, or giving my time to help people with simple tasks I take for granted...

James 1v27
"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world."


Joseph Ratliff


Zig Ziglar, who is a religious man himself, believes that if you live to serve others, you will gain the greatest success.

To me, that also means that maybe most (if not all) of my focus should be on Him, and trusting him, not my business generating money.

He will provide as He sees fit. All according to plan.

And when I do falter and focus on money, things always seem to turn for the worse (mistakes happen).

Go figure.

All according to plan.

Joseph Ratliff



Excellent observation! You said it all when you said "I recognize that God is in control. He provides as He sees fit."
He controls it all.That is all there is to say.
Well done my friend.



It seems to me that many people who have money have the same attitude and belief as you. But why is it that people dont see how unimportant money is when they dont have any.

Even you resorted to prayer when you ran out of money. Question is, if you lost it all tomorrow andracked up massive debts, AND you were banned or prevented somehow from being involved in copywriting and marketing, would you still believe that money is unimportant to you?

Ryan Healy

Wow! So many excellent responses. Thank you all for reading and taking the time to record your thoughts. I truly appreciate it.

Hugh - I would like to answer your question.

You assume I "have money." Actually, I do not.

In May 2006, my credit card debts had surpassed $46,000. Today, by God's grace, I've reduced that burden to roughly $26,000.

My attitude toward money has not been shaped by the times when I had it and the times I did not... although I certainly think about money less when all my bills are paid.

Rather, my views changed after quitting my job.

A job creates the illusion of security and a false dependence on our own efforts. Becoming self-employed allowed me to see the hand of God more clearly.

Does that make sense?

Regarding your "what if" scenario... money will always be unimportant to me compared to God.

John A. Manley

The entire concept of karma yoga is the same as what you are saying here.

Some Westerners think karma yoga is about doing good so you'll have good come back.

It isn't.

That'd be bondage.

It's actually about liberation from action, good or bad, and it's results.

Do everything for God. For the sake of pleasing Him/Her/It (whatever you prefer). Do it well. Give it your 100%. Just don't look for results.

Desire for results brings misery. Their fulfilment only brings on new desires; their unfillment brings anger, disappointment, grief.

The karma yogi really is one who walks the balanced path of "living in this world without being of this world."

It also liberates you from worries over what is right and what is wrong. Your actions, and their fruits, are surrended to a Higher Power that can see more than our little mortal mind.


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