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February 22, 2007




Many thanks for you and John taking the time for last night's call.

And for making it free!

You both provided excellent insights into launching - and maintaining - a successful copywriting business.

Good Stuff. Lots of notes.

I've invested in John's Copywriter Profits course...and I HIGHLY recommend it.

I'm reviewing it right now and I'm amazed at the wealth of info John shares.

When you get the It! It's gold.

Ryan, thanks for readily sharing your knowledge too. I sure appreciate it!




I only got to listen to the last 25 minutes or so but I thought it was very insightful. There was enough information in what I heard to want to listen again and take some good notes. Thanks for hosting this teleseminar.

Jeff Long

Ryan, John --

Thanks for a terrific teleseminar. Great topics, highly informative and enjoyable!

You guys really got to the heart of the matter concerning what most of us struggle with. I'm learning about the 40-40-20 rule; you both helped me further understand the importance of aggressive marketing in the search for clients. Writing great copy is only a small part of the equation, and you guys really put that into perspective.

Thanks for enlightening me in practical terms that I can actually apply to real-time situations. Too many guidebooks talk in generalities and leave me scratching.

Let's have a beer again and talk clients, copywriting and marketing (well, listen anyway). You provided valuable insights on all fronts ...


I appreciate you guys doing this for us!

Ryan Healy

Mark, Perry, Jeff, and Lisa: Thank you for your positive feedback. I really appreciate it. :-)

(I would've posted this sooner, but I was gone all weekend.)

David Coyne

I agree with the others. This was a great teleconference. You hear strategies from John that you simply don't find in other copywriting courses or books.

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