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February 19, 2007


Elizabeth Purvis

On the sleep thing, I'm finding the "8-9 when 6 used to be 'okay'" is sooo bleepin' true. And it really surprised me.

When I was a systems administrator, I was getting around 6 hours per night (when I wasn't up nights working). And I thought I was "fine." When I started freelancing, I had all of these big plans to be up early, then found myself sleeping in 'til 8:30 or 9. I was all, "what the fudge is up with this?"; then it became immediately apparent that I was about a frillion times better off. I have fewer hours in a day, but I get a lot more done and feel tons better.

I honestly don't know how I functioned for ten years on the old sleep schedule!

Jeff Long

Great analogy, Ryan. This IS hard work, but it's wonderfully flexible, for the most part. I sometimes work 7 days a week, but some are 3-hour days, others 6-7. And for those who say working at home is a breeze, think again. With young kids (mine are 5 and 8), they need something every five minutes, it seems. I often long for a quiet office, where I can get my work done and get out!!

Ryan Healy

Elizabeth - I'm totally with you. Getting 8-9 hours of sleep a night is wonderful. I get more done in less time... and I don't get sick as often.

Jeff - The desire for a "quiet office" has made me wish for a job at times. Of course, I wouldn't do that, but the thought has crossed my mind.

Joseph Ratliff


Good post man.

I think that the "reality behind the fantasy" needs to be discussed quite often.

The "fantasy" represents the "You Will Make Six Figures Faster Than Most Doctors" or... "Retire This Year, Making Six Figures" that most beginners unfortunately mistake for gospel.

It is much harder than that.

This, is a business...

And the "Day In The Life" post you created here is a refreshing change from all of the hype.

It really is work.

But the control of time is the main benefit of this business.

Great post Ryan.

Joseph Ratliff
Author of The Profitable Business Edge

John A. Manley

"Exploding diaper" -- I know exactly what you mean!

Thanks for the plug Ryan.

I'm glad to hear setting boundaries isn't easy for anybody else.

I do regulary manage to get four hour sessions of privacy. I find that's the only way to get the work done.

I usually need a snack, and make sure I "pack" it before I go into the office. Make sure there's 'nough water/tea, etc. Sort of sends a message to the rest of the household.

Thinking that a little cottage in the backyard would work even better. Especially one with retractable walls for the summer time.

Hmm, on second thought, for get about the retractable walls.


Ryan Healy

Bringing a snack to the home office to avoid unnecessary trips to the kitchen... great idea, John!

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