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January 22, 2007


Joseph Ratliff


You sneaky guy you. :)

Everybody get the marketing lesson Ryan just gave you in his promotion?

Using a contest to spur on business is a G R E A T way to reinvigorate your sales, add leads, or in Ryan's case...generate quality links to his blog.

Notice I said quality...Ryan asked for your quality site links. And I gave one of mine before finishing the post here.

Try it in your own works :)

Great stuff Ryan.

On par with The Gary Halbert Letter in terms of quality information.

Joseph Ratlif

Leonard Chen

Now, that's quite an intelligent way to get a number of backlinks, Ryan.

Nevertheless, you've got something good to offer too.

I've got a question though. What if the winner is located at the other end of the world? Are you still going to send the dvds to them?

Ryan Healy

Hi, Leonard. Well, I didn't think about that until Eldo in the UK linked to me.

I suppose I can send the CDs just about anywhere. I imagine shipping to Canada is fine... UK is probably fine... much farther than Europe may get pricey. I have no idea what to expect, really.

I'm willing to ship to odd parts of the world, so long as shipping isn't sky high. So, Leonard, to answer your question... I'll take it on a case by case basis. I'd spend up to $20 to send the CDs.

Joseph Ratliff

Did I win, huh, huh, did I win?

Joseph Ratliff

Robert Lehrer

Hi Ryan,
I want to participate in your CD Giveaway (what a clever promotion!!!), but I can't find where to sign up. Will this note suffice as my throwing my hat into the ring?


Hey Ryan,

Woops. I just did a plug for 'ya on Forin's forum...then discovered your own post. Oh well, it's on their twice. Guess one of the mods will kill it soon enough.

Regardless, great idea. (Too bad I don't have a site yet.)


Ryan Healy

Thanks, Mark! And if you don't have a web site yet, I've written a short tutorial that shows you how. Just click the link above in the P.P.P.S.

David Airey :: Creative Design ::

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the prize!

I'll reply to your email now with my address.


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